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The Latest Styles
Fresh. Chic. Modern.
Design Trends Of 2018

Surround yourself with fresh patterns and hues. Instill your space with clean, modern lines. From sheer draperies to bold hardwood blinds, immerse yourself in a chic décor that puts your home in a whole new light.

Consider all the fresh, chic, modern possibilities.

Transform Your Space
Transform Your Space

Windows can flood rooms with light, or they can be tempered with simple shades, structural top treatments, and cascading curtains. Create custom combinations of exquisite Graber products to complement your décor and complete any room design.

Enhance Your Lifestyle
Current Colors—
Embrace A New Palette

There are colors that soothe. Colors that warm our hearts and calm our minds. This season's spectrum focuses on blues, purples, grays, and coordinating hues to lighten our moods, and transport us to serene natural settings.