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How Do Cordless Shades Work?

Going cordless is a great idea- they’re easy to operate, visually more streamline, safer for families with young children or pets, and I think we could all use one less cord in our lives. But how? Mechanics aside, cordless control is an easy solution for any homeowner. Let’s break down how to operate the different styles of cordless blinds and shades.

Solar Shade with Cordless Lift: Mint Condition

Cordless cellular or pleated shades work by simply raising and lowering the bottom rail to your desired position. Always use two hands, especially if your window is wide making your shade heavier to operate. Your shade may also have small handles on the bottom rail to make this process easier. Cellular shades are a popular product because they increase the energy efficiency of your home with honeycomb shaped cells that trap insulating air and choosing cordless control will keep them looking tidy for years to come.

Perfect-Vue Shades with Cordless Lift: Pleated Shades in Heavenly and Cellular Shades in Pink Rose

Cordless roller or solar shades work with a simple “jog-and-stop” positioning, where a small extra tug on the hem bar or grip will allow your shade to pause in position. To retract, another small tug and release allows the shade to roll back up to the top rail and out of sight. Roller shades are often considered the sleekest window treatment and can be very minimal when cordless.

Lift and lower cordless horizontal blinds by holding the bottom rail and raising or lowering it while keeping it level. This process will work for cordless vinyl or aluminum blinds as well as cordless wood or faux wood blinds. Keep in mind that depending on the size of your window your blinds may feel heavy to operate. Blinds will still have an attached wand or cord to control the tilt of the slats for privacy and light control.

Aluminum Blinds with Cordless Lift: Ribbed White

Cordless natural shades work similarly to cellular shades or horizontal blinds. We recommend to always use both hands when operating a cordless natural shade as the variety of materials can make the weight of raising and lowering more substantial. To lower the shade, hold the bottom rail level and gently lower into place. To raise your natural shade, hold the bottom rail with both hands and tilt the back of the bottom rail down 45 degrees and then lift, retracting the shade to your desired position.

Roman Natural Shades with Cordless Lift: Sunbleached Sand

Graber offers a wide selection of cordless styles including motorized shades that can be operated touch free via smart home voice activation or with an app. There are times when cords or continuous loop lift make sense. For example, when windows are tall and operating a shade from the bottom rail or hem bar would be too far out of reach. In this scenario if you wanted to maintain a cord-free aesthetic a motorized shade could work.

Learn more about the Window Covering Safety Council, and certified Best for Kids options.