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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Home for a Healthier Environment

Health is something we have learned to value more than ever over the past couple of years. Setting up your home to be the centerpiece of a healthy lifestyle takes mindful decisions and simple solutions that can be incorporated into your existing space.

How to Choose the Right Window Treatments for Your Home

Struggling to choose window treatments that provide form and function? We outline a few handy steps in this guide.

Graber Eco-Performance Shades

Layered Shades

Graber's layered shades offer a modern take on light control with clean lines and multiple lift options. Order your swatches today!

How to Maximize Privacy with Your Window Blinds

Unlock tips to enhance tilt system for desired privacy. For ultimate seclusion, remember full closure is an option with Graber blinds.

Sheer Shades

Graber Sheer Shades block out harmful UV rays while gently filtering light for an airy, luxurious look. Explore product options with a corded or motorized lift.

Pleated Shades

Our pleated shades add depth and structure to your windows with evenly-spaced, crisp folds of woven fabrics. Explore our light and privacy options.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades offer a honeycomb-shaped cell design for maximum energy savings. Explore Graber’s array of product options and order your swatches today!

Roller Shades

Graber custom roller shades offer clean, structured design without losing light filtration and privacy. Explore our product options and order swatches today!

Solar Shades

Explore Graber's green guard certified solar shades with fashionable fabrics that are earth- and family friendly. Order your swatches today!

Roman Shades

Graber's premium roman shades offer style and practicality with a myriad of fabric and color options. Order your swatches today!

Tailored Roman Shades

Elevate your home décor with Graber Tailored Roman Shades. Custom style and functionality for every room. Discover options today!

Drapery vs. Curtains— What’s the Difference?

Discover the difference between drapery and curtains and learn how to decide between the two styles to help you choose the look that best suits you!

Energy Efficiency

Smart, cost-saving design solutions for insulation, UV protection, and more, ensure your Graber window treatments create an energy-efficient home.

Graber Motorization App & Gateway

Graber's Motorization app fully integrates into your motorized blinds and shades so seamless control over your window treatments.

Graber Eco-Performance Solar Shades

Graber Eco-Performance Solar Shades go above and beyond. More than fashionable, our latest fabrics are also earth-friendly and family-friendly

Classic Roman Shades

Discover our classic roman shades made of high-quality, customizable fabrics for a touch of elegance in any room. Order your swatches today!

Five Reasons to Choose Cellular Shades

Looking for shades that look amazing and help you beat the summer heat? Check out our top 5 reasons why we love Graber's high performance cellular shades!

Exterior Solar Shades

Graber Outdoor Solar Shades utilize light filtering materials that block UV rays and control temperature while adding flair to your outdoor space.

What are Solar Shades?

Learn about the benefits and features of Graber’s solar shades from our comprehensive guide. Want to see our products in person? Order your swatches today!

Window Treatments 101

Explore our guides for window treatments. From choosing the right option to design tips, find answers to your questions here.

What are Roller Shades?

Discover the versatility and functionality of roller shades! Learn about the benefits and various styles to elevate your window treatments.


Graber window shutters are perfect for classic homes. Choose from wood or composite and a variety of styles for the perfect look. Order your swatches today!

Window Treatments 101: Kitchen Windows

Looking to add function and style to your kitchen? Explore Graber’s kitchen window treatments and order your swatches today!

Window Treatments for Arched Windows

Discover a variety of arched window treatments to elevate your windows. Explore Graber's options for enhancing your arched windows.

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