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Troubleshooting Your Graber Window Treatments

A Lifetime of Product Satisfaction

Graber promises commitment to your comfort and satisfaction, connecting you to a window treatment expert who assists you through the purchase and installation of your window treatments—but it doesn’t end there. Your investment in Graber lasts throughout the life of your product which means a virtually maintenance free, trouble-free experience. 

If any aspect of your blinds, shade, shutters, or draperies is not up to your satisfaction, your Graber expert will work with you to address your concerns. In addition, the materials below may help to diagnose and point to a solution for the issue you’re experiencing. All documents are available as downloadable PDFs to keep on file for future reference.


Additional Assistance Needed?

Reach out to your window treatment expert with questions or concerns about your window treatment. If you need to reconnect, use the locator to find your expert.

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Window Treatment Documentation

    Cellular Shades
    Pleated Shades
    Solar Shades
    Roller Shades
    Roman Shades
    Natural Shades
    Horizontal Blinds

    Horizontal Blind Documents


    Hangs or Raises Unevenly (PDF, 197 KB)

    Wand Assembly (PDF, 128 KB)

    Will Not Raise or Lower (PDF, 173 KB)

    Hard To or Will Not Tilt (PDF, 180 KB)


    Cord Lift Ladder Tapes

    Blind Not Lowering Evenly (PDF, 270 KB)


    Cord Lock

    Replacing (PDF, 577 KB)

    Will Not Release and the Blind Will Not Lower (PDF, 182 KB)


    Light Gap

    Between Slats (PDF, 279 KB)



    Adjust the Blind Length (PDF, 293 KB)



    Will Not Tilt (PDF, 190 KB)

    Replace (with Route Holes) (PDF, 334.74 KB)

    Replace (without Route Holes) (PDF,154.15 KB)

    Shorten Blinds (PDF, 368.3 KB)

    Straighten Uneven Blinds (PDF, 225.18 KB)


    Wand Tilter

    Adjust Bowing Bottomrail (PDF, 95.91 KB)

    Adjust Length (PDF, 205.21 KB)

    Operation (PDF: 420 KB)

    Straighten Uneven Shades (PDF, 191.64 KB)

    Operation (PDF, 144.28 KB)

    Replace Wand Tilter with Cord Tilter (PDF, 275.95 KB)

    Replace Wand Tilter and Wand Attachment (PDF, 342.59 KB)



    Replace (PDF, 552KB)


    Cord Tilter

    Operation (PDF, 144.28 KB)

    Replace (PDF, 337.37 KB)

    Replace Cord Tilter with Wand Tilter (PDF, 395.98 KB)



    Assemble Diffusion (PDF, 143.28 KB)

    Vertical Blinds

    Vertical Blind Documents

    All Verticals

    Adjust Rotation Chain (PDF, 222 KB)

    Attach 1 Touch Wand to Stem (PDF: 128 KB)

    Fabric Falling Out of Channel Panel (PDF, 456 KB)

    Louvers Will Not or Hard to Traverse (PDF, 207 KB)


    G85 Duralite/G71 Supervue

    G85 Change Control Mech (PDF, 156 KB)

    G71 Change Control Mech (PDF, 356 KB)

    G85 G71 Hard To Rotate (PDF, 192 KB)

    G85 G71 Replacing Stems (PDF, 199 KB)

    G85 G71 Shorten Traverse Cords (PDF, 193 KB)

    Only One Side of Split Stack Traverses (PDF, 160 KB)

    Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Eight decades of know-how go into every Graber window treatment, backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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