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Graber CrystalPleat Cellular Shades are designed for unsurpassed energy savings all year. Their insulating honeycomb design paired with our all-new premium fabrics create a high-performance shade for every space and every style.


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Graber Cellular Shades

Expanded Collection of Cellular Blackout Fabrics

Blackout shades block the outdoor light for more privacy, better movie nights, and of course, better sleep.

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New Healthy Home Cellular Fabrics

Graber Healthy Home Cellular Shades offer customers a safe and healthy choice for their homes. Featuring a proprietary coating that provides continuous protection from bacteria, mold, and more, this innovative offering promotes health and wellness to bring happiness into your home.

Engineered to Perform


A color coordinated headrail delivers a modern look without requiring a valance

Steel Brackets

Snap-in steel brackets are durable and designed for easy installation

Effortless Operation

The honeycomb-shaped cells fill with air to insulate your window and give you high-performance energy savings all year long.

Specialty Shapes

Specialty shapes fit skylights and other unique windows

Solutions for All Window Shapes and Sizes


Graber Slide-Vue Vertical Cellular Shades offer high-performance energy savings for patio doors, wide windows, and room dividers.

Unique Window Shapes

Do you have skylights or other unique window shapes? Graber Cellular Shades offer our widest array of specialty shapes. A Graber Window Treatment Expert can help size and order the right shades, mounts, and closures.

Cellular Shade Product Options

    Cell Sizes

    An array of cell sizes offer the right proportions for every window

    3/8 Inch Single Cell

    ⅜" Single Cell

    Sleek profile for smaller windows (available in select fabrics only)

    1/2 Inch Double Cell

    ½" Double Cell

    Double-cell construction provides maximum energy savings

    3/4 Inch Single Cell

    ¾" Single Cell

    The larger cell size creates a clean, proportional look for medium to large windows

    1 1/4 Inch Single Cell

    1¼" Single Cell

    Extra large cell size proportioned for oversized windows for a clean look with fewer pleats


    Graber Cellular Shades are constructed from a range of high-quality fabrics that provide varying levels of light control and privacy



    Allows the most sunlight and the least privacy



    Allows moderate sunlight and a little privacy

    Light Filtering

    Light Filtering

    Blocks some sunlight and offers some privacy (darker colors may offer more privacy than lighter colors)



    Blocks all sunlight and offers complete privacy

    Control Types

    A range of lift controls can be paired with your Graber window treatments

    Cord Lift

    Cord Lift

    Raise and lower the shade with a cord

    Continuous-Loop Lift

    Continuous-Loop Lift

    Cord loop raises and lowers the shade; adjust large and hard-to-operate shades more easily

    Cordless Lift

    Cordless Lift

    Raise and lower by pulling on the bottomrail for smooth, cord-free operation; certified Best for Kids™ for homes with children and pets

    Motorized Lift

    Motorized Lift

    Control with a remote or with a home automation app; certified Best for Kids™ for homes with children and pets


    With a variety of shade configurations, Graber Cellular Shades can answer a wide range of needs

    Standard Shade


    Standard shades open from the bottom

    Bottom Up/Top Down

    Bottom Up/Top Down

    Lift from the bottom or lower from the top to let in natural light while maintaining privacy

    Sun Up/Sun Down

    Sun Up/Sun Down

    Pair two cellular fabrics or two pleated fabrics for flexible light control and privacy



    Combine a cellular and a pleated fabric into one shade for flexible light control and privacy

    Top Down

    Top Down

    Lower the shade from the top with continuous-loop lift



    Luxurious cellular fabrics in a vertical orientation bring all the benefits and energy efficiency of cellular shades to wide windows and patio doors

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    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    The Graber Limited Lifetime Warranty extends from installation throughout the life of your window treatment.

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    Certified Best for Kids

    An independent laboratory has tested and certified that this product has options without operating cords or where inner cords are inaccessible and won’t form a loop based on industry safety standards.

    Stress-Tested in Extreme Environments

    From testing adhesive strength in high heat to UV testing painted components and textiles, we ensure finished window treatments perform consistently for years to come

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