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Graber Smart Shades


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Join us at the upcoming CEDIA Tech Summits to learn about Graber Smart Shades and our complete product lineup as well as sales growth opportunities.

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Why Graber?

Whether it’s our innovative product portfolio or dealer support, Graber pays attention to detail every step of the way.

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Faster turn around times allow you to complete projects quickly—something clients always appreciate.

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Our whisper-quiet motors are easily installed and operated. Program Graber Smart Shades with ease for faster installation.

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Designed to complement any décor, we consult design experts to ensure our assortments are on trend and timeless.

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Simple 3rd party integration with two-way communication allows our products to connect to a wide range of smart home platforms.

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Dedicated dealer support and our premier dealer program provide you with top product and technical expertise.

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With strong margins and a protected, dealer-only brand, you can gain higher compensation for your hard work.

Become a Graber HTI Dealer

We are excited for you to join the Graber HTI team and to help you grow your business. Click the link below to apply to become a Graber HTI dealer. Or to learn more, email us at to connect with our team directly.

Our Most Popular Motorized Products


Solar & Roller Shades

Graber Roller Shades range in opacity from sheer to blackout for better light control and privacy. The simple roller design of Graber Solar and Roller Shades make them easy to motorize—get instant privacy and light control with a remote control or your smartphone or tablet.

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Natural Shades

Handwoven and carefully crafted, Graber Natural Shades bring unique textures and patterns into the home. These shades are made from sustainable materials such as jute, bamboo, wood, and grasses. Graber Natural Shades are available in Standard Roman, Old Style Roman, and Looped Roman Styles. Operate your Graber Natural Shades with the touch of a button—or your home automation system.

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Sheer & Layered Shades

Graber Sheer and Layered Shades alternate sheer and opaque fabric strips that allow you to precisely control light, privacy and your view to the outdoors. Precision motorization allows for easy operation and a modern aesthetic with no cords.

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Soft & Roman Shades

Roman shades add an elegant touch to any home. Graber Roman Shades utilize a time-tested design to provide outstanding privacy and light control. Pair Graber Roman Shades with Graber Drapery in matching fabrics for whole-room coordination. Graber Roman Shades can be motorized, giving you the unsurpassed functionality of a shade with the softness of drapery.

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Cellular & Pleated Shades

Graber Cellular and Pleated Shades are at home in nearly any room. Offering a range of opacities and cell sizes, Graber Cellular Shades have a honeycomb design that helps insulate against heat and cold. Graber Cellular Shades are available in a motorized bottom up/top down configuration for the ultimate in ease and convenience. Graber Pleated Shades feature EvenPleat®, a back-ladder support that prevents pleats from sagging.

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Motorization Options


Powered By Somfy

Graber Smart Shades are powered by Somfy for easy integration with home automation systems. Zigbee technology with two way communication is used for connectivity. See real-time updates on shade status and battery level from anywhere provided by two-way communication.

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TaHoma® App

The TaHoma App lets users open and close shades from anywhere, anytime. Users can even set schedules to raise and lower shades so they can maximize energy savings. The TaHoma® App is available on iOS and Android devices.

Somfy Set & Go App

The Somfy Set & Go App makes installing Graber Smart Shades easy. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions and scan the QR code on each shade to connect them to the app. Two-way communication helps with troubleshooting so clients can enjoy their newly automated shades faster. The Somfy Set & Go App is available on iOS and Android devices.

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The Somfy EcoSystem

Each piece of the Somfy EcoSystem is compatible with a variety of smart home devices. With the Somfy EcoSystem, set routines, schedules, and groups to synchronize your Graber Smart Shades.

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Graber Visualizer

Download the Graber Visualizer app to preview window treatments like never before. Snap a photo of the window(s) and upload it to the app to see which window treatment is the best fit. The Graber Visualizer app also features “Virtual View”, an augmented reality (AR) experience that lets clients preview window treatments on their windows in real time.

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