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Are Motorized Blinds and Shades Worth It?

Window Treatments 101

As a busy homeowner, you're always looking for smarter ways to manage your household. If you're like most people, you increasingly turn to technology for help.

Let’s take a look at the sleek motorized blinds and shades Graber offers.

Motorization Basics

Motorized Blinds for Windows

If you have blinds, adding motorization will allow you to tilt your blinds open or closed with a remote, but not raise or lower them. Your Graber Window Treatment Expert can share more about motorized blind battery life based on the size of your blind and your expected use.

Motorized Shades for Windows

If you have shades, motorization can allow you to raise and lower them with a remote, app, or wand.

Your Graber expert offers three power choices:

  • a rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • non-rechargeable batteries
  • plug-in transformer

The rechargeable battery only needs to be charged about once a year based on normal use, and charges in just a couple of hours by running the included cord to an outlet.

The plug-in option is another great choice for motorized shades for windows near an outlet and with drapery (if you want to conceal the cord).

3 Reasons to Try Motorized Blinds and Shades

1. Sophisticated Style

The smart, convenient control of the window treatments in your home may draw you to motorized blinds and shades in the beginning, but you may be surprised by how much you appreciate the sleek look of cordless control. There’s less visual clutter at the window, which augments the sophistication of the Graber products in your home.

2. Convenient Control


We all rely on our smart phones more and more to help us stay organized, so your favorite control option may be the Graber app on your phone.

One features helps you set timers to raise shades in the morning and lower them when the sun sets. It's a great way to wake with the sun in the morning and add extra security when working late or traveling.

The settings are easy to change with the seasons and when guests are staying. The app really does offer the kind of control that adds ease and simplicity to daily life.

Even when using the Graber app most often, you may want to keep a remote for impromptu shade adjustments when entertaining and for control when reading or enjoying a glass of wine with your phone set aside.

Along with remote and app control, Graber offers a motorized wand—an attached electric wand that raises and lowers the shade with a push of a button. This is nice because you always know where the control is. The motorized wand is a simple option for people who want extra power at the shade.

3. Highest Standard of Safety

When conducting a quick safety check before hosting friends and family with children, you already know motorized blinds and shades check all the safety boxes. Certified Best for Kids™ by an independent lab, they’re the safest option for kids and pets. And that’s a feature we can all feel good about.

Are Motorized Blinds Worth It?  

Everyone has different needs for their home, but when you're looking for sophisticated style, convenient control, and the highest standard of safety, motorized shades and motorized blinds for windows are a smart choice.