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Classic roman shades on windows in a bedroom.

Upgrade Your Child’s Bedroom Into a Space for Your Teen

Creating a space for your teenager can feel like a daunting task. Especially with changing trends on social media, it can feel like your teen’s style changes daily. With a few smart design choices, you can create a room that can change with them as they grow and mature.

Neutral Furniture is a Must

To keep up with changing trends, start with neutral furniture as the base for your teenager’s room. An adult size bed, simple bedframe, desk, and dresser can be arranged and decorated by your teen to fit their day-to-day needs. Choose high-quality, adaptable furniture, so you won’t need to replace pieces as your child grows. An ergonomic desk chair can help support a growing body and focus during study or homework sessions. A comfortable mattress and Blackout Cellular Shades can also help your teenager get high-quality sleep, which is important for brain development.

Multifunctional and Fun

Teenagers are known for having messy rooms. Set your teen up for success by providing plenty of storage options throughout their room. When selecting furniture, look for pieces that feature built in storage. If space is at a premium, skip the dresser and opt for a bed frame with under-the-bed drawers instead. If you have a little extra space, consider adding some seating options for visiting friends. Upholstered end-of-the-bed benches often include additional hidden storage and provide multipurpose seating options.

Choosing Wall Colors

Color is an excellent tool to set the tone in any room. Get your teenager involved and have them help select a color that they like. Try to find a muted or neutral-toned version of their favorite color to create a mature and calming atmosphere. Consider color coordinating Roller Shades or Cellular Shades for a finished feel and additional light control-ideal in bedrooms.

Updates for the Future

In the true nature of teenagers, it’s likely that your teen will change their mind or style a few times as they continue to find themselves. Instead of buying all new furniture to accommodate their new design tastes, change out smaller accents like rugs, bedding sets and wall décor. These simple changes can breathe new life into a stale space without any need for major updates. Rearranging the layout of the furniture within your teen’s room is another easy upgrade to make a difference without too much effort. Adding Custom Drapery & Curtains is another great way to change the space without hassle.

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