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Graber light filtering solar shades in a bedroom.

Bedroom Blinds and Shades

Providing privacy and keeping out light. Those are the two main jobs of bedroom blinds and shades. The amount of privacy and light control you need depends on your home’s location, the orientation of your window, and your sleep preferences and habits. Some people want a window treatment that filters out the morning light, while others demand absolute darkness. We’re going to talk about the types of window treatments and configurations that do a great job providing the privacy and light control you demand for a bedroom.

The Best Blinds for Bedrooms

Cellular Shades

 Graber cellular shades in a bedroom blocking light.

When it comes to providing privacy, light control, and insulation against heat, cold, and sound, you can’t beat cellular shades as bedroom window treatments. These shades work harder than just about any other window treatment. Their honeycomb-shaped design captures pockets of air that act as insulation against the heat of the sun and winter’s cold. The design also absorbs sound. And newly expanded blackout fabric options and specially designed side channels (that block out light along the sides of the shade) make cellular shades an outstanding light control tool. All that light control and insulation adds up to a more comfortable room for sleeping.

Cellular shades are good at providing privacy, which makes them an ideal option for bedroom windows that face the front of the house or are on the first floor. For third shifters and other daytime sleepers, the blackout fabrics that maximize darkness are a go-to option.

And for the ultimate window treatment solution, order your cellular shades motorized in the bottom up/top down configuration, which allows you to lift and lower your shades from both the top and bottom to empower you with complete control of your light and privacy and enable you to take full advantage of changing light conditions throughout the day.

Layered Shades

 Graber layered shades in a bedroom.

For rooms where extreme room darkening isn’t a necessity, layered shades can be an excellent option. Layered shades—sometimes referred to as zebra shades or mezzanine shades—are composed of two layers of fabric with alternating opaque and translucent bands. By changing the alignment of the bands, you can quickly control light and privacy. The bold lines of a layered shade can add a modern touch to a bedroom.

Roller Shades

 Graber roller shades in a bedroom.

Roller Shades are an outstanding choice as a bedroom window treatment. A blackout or room-darkening roller shade can block out the light with a simple pull. The many beautiful fabric options give you choices for any type of bedroom décor. Motorize your roller shades and you’ll be able to control your shades with a remote or even from your phone. Add drapery and increase your light control by blocking out the sunshine that inevitably seeps in along the edges of all shades. Simply put, roller shades are a superb option for your bedroom.

Solar Shades

 Graber solar shades in a bedroom.

The solar shade is roller shade’s cousin. Because solar shades do allow some view into the room from the outdoors, many people don’t think of them as a bedroom window treatment. But for those who want to take advantage of solar shades’ unique light-control properties in their bedroom without sacrificing privacy, there is a solution: by combining a solar shade and roller shade on the same headrail, you have the best of both worlds. Your solar shade can let in a controlled amount of light during the day and the roller shade can come down at night to provide privacy and darkness. This combination is also available in a motorized configuration that lets you effortlessly adjust your shades to create the perfect sleep environment.


 Graber wood shutters in a bedroom.

Wood shutters and composite shutters look great in nearly every room. Their sturdiness and simple design make them a favorite for homeowners looking for a long-lasting window treatment solution. For some sleepers, shutters provide adequate light control. But for those looking for further light control, adding room-darkening drapery will give them the darkness they need.

Natural Woven Shades

Graber Natural Shades in a bedroom.

Made with wood, bamboo, grass, jute, or rattan, a natural woven shade brings the beauty of nature into your bedroom. Add a room-darkening liner and you have the makings of a great night’s sleep. Combine natural shades with natural drapery for added depth and an elegant, finished look.

Tailored Roman Shades

 Graber roman shades in a bedroom.

A tailored Roman shade can be configured to be ideal bedroom window treatments. Choose from a vast collection of fabrics and liners to create a shade that looks amazing and does a great job providing privacy and light control. Plentiful fabric options are the main reason why people choose tailored Roman shades—you have the ability to pick a color or pattern that sets just the right mood. Tailored Roman shades come in very traditional fabrics, playful fabrics, modern earthtones and intriguing patterns. If style is your priority, tailored Roman shades should be your first choice.

Sheer Shades

 Graber sheer shades in a bedroom.

If light control is not your top priority, the delicately beautiful sheer shade is an option. Sheer shades are essentially fabric blinds, and they offer some light and privacy control. The main reason people choose sheer shades is that they’re very attractive and produce a softly filtered light. A sheer shade could work in a bedroom that is not on the first floor and is not prominently visible from the street or neighboring windows. It’s not a conventional choice for bedrooms, but it is an option that works in many situations.

Curtains and Drapery

 Graber drapery in a bedroom.

Nothing showcases a fabric like custom drapery. Graber offers a fabric for every situation. An amazing set of drapes can become the focal point of a bedroom—setting the mood and making a design statement. And, those drapes provide outstanding light-control and privacy, with endless possibilities for adjustment.

When choosing fabrics for bedroom drapery, think about what you want your drapery to do. Are you looking to reduce some of the light that streams into the room each morning? Choose a fabric that filters the light and provides privacy. Seeking total darkness—even after the sun comes up? Choose a curtain or drape with a room-darkening liner that can block most of the light.

Other Factors to Consider

 Graber light filtering roller shades and drapery in a bedroom.

Every type of bedroom window treatmentt has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest difference between the different categories of blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery is style. There’s a configuration of nearly every type of window treatment that would work in the bedroom—it’s the style that differs and is often the first consideration for buyers. Durability is another important factor—you want bedroom window treatments that are sturdy and dependable. And, of course, privacy and light control are primary factors.

While nearly all window treatments can do those jobs, some do it better or in a unique way that might make them the ideal solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bedroom Blinds and Shades

What shades are best for bedrooms?

Cellular shades and roller shades are popular and modern choices for bedroom window treatments. These shades come in many different opacities to provide you with just the right amount of privacy and light control. If you’re looking for near-total darkness, combining a room-darkening drapery with a blackout cellular shade or high-opacity roller shade is the ultimate combination. 

What curtains should I use for my bedroom windows?

A simple solution for most bedrooms is room-darkening drapery. Choosing drapery makes it easy to find a color that matches your décor. Drapery is also easy to adjust for just the right amount of light control and privacy. Combining a sheer set of drapes with a room-darkening set of drapes gives you even more options.

How do I decorate a bedroom full of windows?

Roller shades and cellular shades are popular modern choices—their sleek good looks and straight lines work well on multiple windows. Shades are a great option for bedroom window treatments as well. For those with multiple windows that are hard to reach, motorization is a wise option, allowing you to open and close the shades with the touch of a button.

Which window treatments make a room look bigger?

Drapery can make a room look taller and make a window look bigger. Set the drapery rod high to make the room feel taller. Adding a valance or other top treatment can accomplish the same thing. To make the room look wider, increase the width of the drapery stacked on either side of the window. Your Graber Design Expert can help you configure a set of drapery to maximize these effects.

The Bottom Line

You can absolutely find the perfect window treatments for your bedroom. Roller shades, cellular shades, and drapery offer fabrics that can provide extreme room-darkening solutions for those looking for very dark rooms. For those looking for softly filtered light, layered shades, sheer shades, and solar shades offer excellent solutions—and combined with other window treatments you can get the best of all worlds.

The bottom line is you can get the functionality you need without sacrificing style—there’s a fabric or design for every taste. Start planning your perfect bedroom today—order swatches and contact a Graber Design Expert to help you get the window treatments that will look great and help you sleep better.