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Graber cellular shades on angled windows in a living room.

Blinds for Angled and Triangle Windows

The world would be a boring place if everything was square. Angled, triangular, and curved windows add contrast and visual interest to a home. These windows are often found in tall or unusually shaped rooms and help accentuate the character of that room’s unique design.

Most homeowners put window treatments on these unusually shaped windows to provide privacy and light control. The window treatments on these windows can help to better integrate them into the design scheme of the room and provide additional visual texture and color.

Whatever your special window’s shape, there’s a very good chance Graber can create a window treatment that can fit it.

Graber cellular shades on angled windows in a living room.

Cellular Shades

The most popular way to cover an angled, triangular, or curved window is with a cellular shade. Cellular shades look great. Their even pleats add a linear element that contrasts with angles and curves. They’re also great insulators. A cellular shade can provide protection against heat, cold, and even sound. And their sturdy structure makes cellular shades an ideal option for specialty-shaped windows.

Cellular shades come in a wide variety of fabrics, from elegant sheers to luxury woven fabrics to light-blocking blackout fabrics. And there’s a range of pleat sizes so you can find the right proportion for the size of your window. You’ll have no trouble finding exactly the right color and light control you need.

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Graber pleated shades on an angled window in a kitchen.

Pleated Shades

Much of what can be said about cellular shades applies to pleated shades. Pleated shades are highly versatile and easily shaped to fit an angled or curved window. And while not as effective at insulating when compared to cellular shades, pleated shades have a special advantage: a huge range of beautiful fabrics. Pleated shades can be made with interesting colors and patterns. If you’re looking to really highlight that angled or curved window in your home, consider pleated shades.

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Graber aluminum blinds on an angled window in a bathroom.

Aluminum Blinds

Another type of window treatment with enormous versatility when it comes to fitting angled windows is aluminum blinds. These blinds are highly durable and resist staining and dirt, and they can be crafted to fit a huge range of window shapes and sizes, from triangles to circles to octagons and more.

Cut-outs are another special feature of aluminum blinds. Portions of a set of blinds can be cut out if the missing portion does not interfere with the control cords. This is useful when an outlet or window control needs to be exposed.

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Graber natural woven shades on an angled window in a living room.

Natural Woven Shades

Made of hand-harvested, sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo, grasses, and rattan, natural shades can be built to fit windows with angled tops. Natural shades can be customized with liners to enhance privacy and light control.

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Specialty shaped windows deserve to be celebrated. These design elements bring aesthetic variety to a home and can be focal points of a room. Graber has the expertise and more than a century of experience crafting window treatments to fit nearly any window. Talk to a Graber Design Expert today and start showcasing the most interesting windows in your home.