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Create a Subdued Retreat with These 5 Design Elements

These days (or any day), the need for an escape—that is, a place to relax and indulge in a little self-care—is greater than ever.

The last few years made us realize that the home needs to be everything now—offices, gyms, and entertainment spaces. There also needs to be space to unwind, dim the lights, and get away from it all—even if it’s all under one roof.

With so much going on, it’s no wonder that reducing chaos to create a subdued retreat at home is the latest interior design trend. Below are five on-trend styles you can use to recreate this trend in your home—as well as some superbly crafted, custom Graber window treatment recommendations that can help bring it all to life.

close up photo of half-rolled grey heathered window shade

The term heathered is used to describe a soft, muted color caused by blending different colors or fibers into one single yarn. This creates a muted, almost flecked hue that is, most typically, gray. While commonly seen in clothing, like shirts and sweaters, heathered looks can be found in home pieces, too, such as upholstery, or even wallpaper. Heathered pillows and throws also add a subtle, restrained touch to your décor. For window treatments, tie it all together with the sleek, minimal look of Graber Solar or Roller Shades, available in a wide variety of heathered gray hues.

photo of his and hers bathroom with roller shades on windows

Marled textiles are often described as cozy, knitted fabric in which two different colors appear blurred together. A derivative of the word marbled, perhaps a common way you’ve seen the word used is to describe a chunky knit, wool blend sweater. I’ve seen marled looks pop up in expected home décor items, like couches, pillows, and throws, but also in ottomans, poofs (both bigger, more functional ones, like ottomans, as well as little, decorative ones, too), rugs, and even a swivel chair.

Thanks to its relaxed attributes, marled designs are a natural fit for décor in bedrooms or family rooms. Graber Roller Shades are a great option for combining reliable light control in those rooms with a snug, stylish, marled design.

close up photo of brown pleated shades

Pleating is the process of using fabric creases in a design. Fabric is often folded or doubled, then pressed, ironed or creased into place for a full, yet minimal design look. Graber Pleated Shades have long offered designers a crisp, dimensional way to add sophistication to window treatments, and the same idea applies to using pleats in home décor. For instance, using them on light fixtures is a trendy way to use this design element and bring some breadth to an otherwise unexpected situation. I’ve even seen pleats used as design accents on the sides of an armchair.

creamy white drapes and shades behind a couch

When you think of linen, words like light, airy, fresh, and clean often come to mind. It’s also often associated with muted, neutral grays, beiges, and creams, for an obvious, minimalist style. That’s why linen has always been a mainstay in bedrooms and kitchens—and now, with minimal design being so on-trend in 2022, can be found popping up in unexpected ways, too, like in lampshades and art.

Interestingly, drapery has always had the effect of making a room feel soft, light, and airy. With consumers continuing to look for ways to turn their living spaces into sanctuaries, linen-like drapes are a bit of a no-brainer way to incorporate this interior design trend into your home. Check out some of our beautiful, light, linen-like custom draperies here.

photo of half-drawn shades in a kitchen window

With so much focus on ethereal and natural beauty, a top interior design trend for 2022 is emerging around the idea of creating subtle warmth through naturally imperfect materials, like wood, bamboo, wicker, and more. That’s why you’ll see homes adding warmth to their décor with plants, stools, storage baskets, and even wicker basket-type weaves on cabinet doors.

An easy tie-in for your window treatments, naturally, are Graber Natural Shades created from sustainable materials like jute, bamboo, and grasses, these shades can help bring your homestead design down to earth for a subtle, grounding effect.

At the end of the day, the elements you use to design your home can help create a place where you can recharge, breathe, and take on the world with your best self. In addition to providing privacy and light control, window treatments can be an essential piece of the feel you are trying to create in any room.

Of course, creating a subdued retreat in your home can require, well, a lot of energy and time. Fortunately, our Graber Window Treatment Experts can help you design the perfect home retreat and take care of all the technical details and tasks. Find a dealer near you—or order free swatches and try to incorporate these design trends into your home today.