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Drapery vs. Curtains—What’s the Difference?

Drapery and curtains—they’re essentially the same thing, right? Well, not quite. When deciding what soft window treatments to incorporate into your home, it’s important to know the difference between these two styles to help you choose the look that suits your needs.

Two quick questions to consider when choosing between curtains and drapery:

1) Does the room require complete privacy—or will the bare minimum suffice?

2) What matters more—style or functionality?

We’ve compiled a quick cheat sheet to help you choose between these two similar, yet unique, styles so you can get one step closer to your perfect home design.

What are curtains?

There are important details that make curtains unique. For starters, curtains are typically made with a light and unlined fabric, which leads to minimal light control and privacy. As to length, curtains are typically made pre-cut to purchase. Whether or not you want curtains that measure the length of the window or floor is ultimately up to you. Lastly, curtains are typically hung in spaces that are informal or don’t require much privacy, such as a kitchen, sunroom, office, or entry way.

What is drapery?

Graber Draperies are custom made with a high-quality fabric, made to block light, dampen noise, and increase privacy. This treatment is known for its sophisticated and formal look, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, movie rooms, and dining rooms. Our drapes are custom cut to exact specifications depending on your preference and desired look. You can choose how full you’d like your drapes and how long, which means you can accommodate any window in your home–even ones that might be considered.

The Best Choice for You

Okay, so now you know the differences, but how are you supposed to choose between the two? There are benefits to each style that could be a deciding factor based on your needs.

Choosing Your Style

Ready-to-purchase curtains provide a less luxurious look, especially compared to custom measurements that make other styles look clean and structured. Custom Drapery is just that, it’s custom. No one else will have drapes exactly like yours, meaning your décor will be one of a kind–and made to match your style. View Graber's Drapery Guide video below to see how you can create one-of-a-kind draperies.

Drapery Basics: A Video Guide

Types of Graber Drapery

Graber offers 2 different types of Drapery: Custom Fabric Drapes and Natural Drapes.

Custom Fabric Drapes

Custom Fabric Drapes are luxurious and ideal for all spaces—available with a wide selection of liners for light control.

Natural Drapes

For a more earthy look, Natural Drapes are made of lightweight bamboo, reed, grass, and jute materials that are tightly woven to offer gentle light control. Unlike curtains that have a more temporary feel, Natural Draperies feel established and confident—they’re a style that’s here to stay.

Adding Drapery Provides an Unmatched Experience

Whether you prefer versatility, privacy, luxury, or light control, Graber provides plenty of ways to incorporate it into your home. Our in-home Graber Dealers are skilled design experts who are available to help you choose the perfect window treatment to match your space. Graber window treatments are made to order with premium fabrics available in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures. Each treatment is made to fit perfectly, exactly the way you envision it. To discover different custom drapery styles we have to offer, visit our custom drapery page or contact your local Graber dealer to get started.