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Five Reasons Why You Should Layer Your Window Treatments

Your windows are more than just a source of light and air. They’re a chance to make a style statement. And there’s one way to make your blinds, shades, shutters, or drapery more interesting and attractive: layering.

Layering window treatments is simply using more than one type of window treatment on the same window—generally, drapery paired with another type of treatment. Some of the most popular combinations include:

There are many reasons to pair drapery with other types of window treatments, reasons ranging from practical to purely aesthetic.

1. Adding insulation

Traditional drapery and natural drapery do an excellent job of insulating against heat, cold, and sound. By adding drapery to a roller shade, for example, you can cut down on heat and cold escaping along the sides of the shade.

2 . Versatility

By adding drapery to a shade, you increase the number of ways you can control light and privacy. For example, when your shade is open, you can let a set of sheer drapery provide some light filtering and a bit of privacy. Or, if you want to block the light coming through a light-filtering cellular shade, closing a set of room-darkening curtains will do the trick.

3. Layers of color

Adding drapery gives you another opportunity to play with color, pattern, and texture. You can contrast your shades with your drapes by picking complementary colors or patterns that create energy and visual interest. Subtle color differences can also be effective and can be coordinated with other elements of the room for a harmonious effect.

4. Creating Depth

Adding drapery to a shade provides a sense of depth that is pleasing to the eye. Roman shades and drapery in matching fabric—a stunning look that exudes elegance—is captivating because of the layers and shadows. Drapery adds a three-dimensional, sculptural touch that no other window treatment can.

5. Visual Interest

The addition of drapery to any window adds visual interest. The folds and draping of fabric has fascinated artists and sculptors for thousands of years—and for good reason: the shapes and patterns are pleasing to the eye and defy total understanding. The secret is in the complexity and randomness. Fabric can be mesmerizing.

If you’re looking for something that will give your room a touch of sophistication—and coziness—you need to look into layering shades with drapery.