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Go Big: Three Interior Design Upgrades That Are as Good as a Remodel

Does your place need a change—but you’re not ready to renovate? There are ways to give your living spaces an overhaul without knocking down any walls.

For a fraction of the cost of a home remodel, these three interior design ideas will have your home looking brand new—or at least a lot different.

The Signature Furniture Piece

An eye-catching piece of furniture can become the focal point of a room. A brightly colored or cleverly patterned sofa can act like a piece of art, sparking comments and conversation. A set of coordinated chairs, loveseats, and other furniture elements can create a sense of cohesiveness that totally changes the visual dynamic of the room. Even shelving can have a strong visual effect—innovative shelving arrangements and designs can capture the eye and serve as a showcase for other interesting items.

The Statement Rug

Rugs hold enormous design potential. The key to making an impact is a rug that stands out in some way. A small area rug can create a pool of color or texture that totally remakes a room. Think bold patterns and surprising colors. Deep shags and playful faux furs add youthfulness and joy. Traditional Persian rugs in earthtones and jewel tones can elevate the formality of a room. Irregular and asymmetrical shapes show daring and creativity.

The Window Transformation

Your windows can transform a room because they give you an opportunity to create repetition. By creating a matching or coordinated look on multiple windows, you set the tone for the entire room. It is no exaggeration to say that changing your window treatments can remake your home. For a modern look, try a solar shade or a cellular shade.

The layered shade, with its bold zebra stripes, is particularly modern and quite distinct. For a more traditional makeover, look at roller shades, wood blinds, or fabric drapery.

The selection of Graber colors, fabrics, and designs is nearly endless, and the results of a thoughtfully chosen set of window treatments can be truly transformative.Before you start demolishing, consider one of these interior design strategies, or all three. You might just get the change you were after but without having to take out a building permit—or a bank loan. Find a Graber Design Expert today.