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How to Take Photos of Window Treatments

Your new Graber window treatments put the perfect finishing touch on your space. Now take a gorgeous photo to share the new look.

5 Tips to Taking Social Media-Worthy Photos

1. Find the Best Light

Natural light for photography works best. When taking window photography featuring window treatments, wait for a cloudy day, and turn off the indoor lights.

Depending on your window treatment’s opacity, you’ll potentially be shooting directly at the light source, which can wash out your photo. You’ll have most control of the light if your window treatment is lowered completely.

Experiment with your aperture and shutter speed if you’re using a DSLR. You’ll get the most breadth and natural look for layering the final HDR image.


2. Set the Stage for Interior Photography

The best home decor photography showcases both how the room feels when you walk in and the close-up details that make your design special.

Find the camera spot that shows as much of the space as possible—without switching to a wide angle lens. Remember that vertical angles look best on social media.

3. Style Based on the Grid

Now that you know how much of the room you’ll be showing, do the necessary cleanup and styling to show off your interior design.

Include accents that draw your eye from the foreground to the background, and check the visual grid you’re creating. Will the photo be balanced visually? Adjust your styling to create more balance in the final photo.


4. Shoot Straight Angles

The best height for shooting interior photography is about five feet. The photo will make the room feel spacious, without distorting the space. Shooting the room and window treatment from straight on, without an angle, will also give you the best results.

5. Edit & Share

If you’re using a DSLR camera, blending the layers manually may get you the best results for the final image. For a smart phone photo, filter and adjust until it looks just right.

Share your image with #graberblinds. We can’t wait to see your look!

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