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Cordless combo shades in a living room.

Modern Colors for Blinds & Shades

Written by The Graber Design Team

The Modern Color Palette

In modern design, minimalism is a key feature. When minimalism is translated into color, this often means a neutral, monochromatic palette. While modern homes aren’t always limited to one color, they often do have self-imposed limits on how many different colors are utilized. This creates the simplicity and balance highly sought after in modern design.


 Graber roller shades in a living room.

There are loud colors that pop. And then there are colors that speak in an inside voice. That’s a neutral color. Neutral colors are important to modern design because darker neutrals are an excellent way to emphasize patterns. Patterns are an important aspect of minimalism. Repeating dark-colored lines and shapes against a light background allows the viewer to see the pattern.

Earth Tones

 Graber natural shades in a living room.

Darker than neutrals, earth tones can combine with similarly hued neutrals to create monochromatic design plans. And, contrasted against white or fields of very light color, earth tones can display clean lines and shapes for that sense of simplicity and pattern.

Bright Whites

 Graber sheer shades in a living room.

To give the neutral and earth-tone colors their power, you need white. Bright whites make the shapes and patterns of the neutral and earth-tone elements stand out.

Timeless Colors

A combination of neutrals, earth tones, and bright whites can create window treatments that provide a modern look to your home. These colors are timeless. And a truly modern look is part of a century-old tradition. Your décor won’t soon become dated. Plus, the cleanness and simplicity of the modern look allow you to change with the times by making subtle adjustments—as opposed to overhauling your décor.

Cohesive Styling

The modern look is a commitment. If you insist on keeping your antique dining room table with hand-carved legs and your China cabinet filled with Victorian porcelain, you’re probably not going to achieve a sense of modern—and that’s okay, because there are other styles of design, including traditional, Asian, and French country, to name just a few.

If modern is something you’re going for, it is achievable—even easy. Discover modern window blinds and shades that compliment these modern colors.