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Graber Roman Shades in a modern farmhouse.

Modern Farmhouse Window Treatments

Window Treatments 101

The Modern Farmhouse style of interior design is having its heyday. There are many reasons why. The first is the relaxing atmosphere created by combining traditional and modern elements. The aesthetic is also easy to execute: there is an abundance of rustic-looking pieces on the market as well as many modern décor items, making it easy to find the right elements to produce the Modern Farmhouse look.

Putting wood and rustic accents alongside stainless steel and granite gives interior designers a lot of room to explore. But this leeway doesn’t mean creating a real Modern Farmhouse room is a cinch. It takes some vision and, most importantly, a willingness to omit certain details in order to create a look that fits the aesthetic. (Yes to wood-plank floors, no to that stuffed fabric hobby horse with a yarn mane.)

One of the elements that can make or break a Modern Farmhouse room design is the selection of window treatments. Not only do window treatments control the light, they perform the task of style ambassadors, boldly or subtly presenting large swaths of color, pattern, or texture. A shade, blind, shutter, or drapery can amplify your Modern Farmhouse vibe—or derail it. Luckily, this guide and your Graber Design Expert are here to help you combine farmhouse charm with modern elements to create a relaxing—and on-trend—room you can be proud of.

What is a Modern Farmhouse?

Graber Natural Shades in a modern farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse style is more than just a combination of country and city. It has its own feel. One of the things that gives Modern Farmhouse its unique character is color. In this aesthetic, subdued is the order of the day. Colors are chosen from a neutral palette and bold patterns are rarely seen. If there are patterns, they’re subtle and generally simple. Granite lives alongside distressed floor planking. A rustic dining room table feels right at home under a window with a modern black frame that could have come out of a New York high-rise apartment.

What colors go with farmhouse decor?

Browns, greys, creams, beiges and, especially, white are all at home in the Modern Farmhouse.

Modern Farmhouse Window Treatments

In most instances, modern-looking window treatments are what work best in a Modern Farmhouse design scheme. Furniture pieces and other décor elements provide the rustic aspects of the look and the window treatments complement these pieces. Blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery all can provide this modern touch.

But a window treatment can also provide that rustic flavor, too, with wood grain and other natural textures that play well against sleek, modern elements. The key is balance—what does the existing décor need more of? More rustic? Or more modern?

We’ll go through the list of Graber window-treatment options and talk about how they can work to create a Modern Farmhouse look that creates an atmosphere of sophistication and relaxation.

Cellular Shades

Graber Cellular Shades in a modern farmhouse

One of the easiest ways to get a Modern look into your Modern Farmhouse design is by using cellular shades. The even folds, horizontal lines, and easy way of filtering light give cellular shades a truly fresh look. That look plays well against old wood grains and neutral-palette colors. A cream- or ivory-colored cellular shade can work quite well in most Modern Farmhouse design plans. And, in addition to looking great, cellular shades protect against heat and cold, making your room more comfortable throughout the year.

Cellular shades can be made cordless and even motorized—modern touches that work well in the sophisticated Modern Farmhouse setting.

Roman Shades

Graber Classic Roman Shades in a modern farmhouse

The time-tested Roman-shade design can be used to create either a Modern or country look. Using classic Roman shades, you’ll get one of the cleanest looks in all of window treatments. And the color palette of Graber classic Roman shades, with lots of neutrals and earthtones, makes it a great candidate for the Modern Farmhouse. Tailored Roman shades come in a huge variety of fabrics, allowing you to pick exactly the effect you’re looking for. A fresh, white fabric would contrasts beautifully with a glossy, modern trim. Or, a rustic earthtone in a lighter shade could be just the rural element your room needs. Like cellular shades, Roman shades can be made cordless or motorized for the ultimate in convenience.

Wood Blinds

Graber Wood Blinds

Blinds can be right at home in the Modern Farmhouse. Wood blinds, in particular, work well in this design aesthetic and can be finished to exactly the right color or texture for your room. In general, light colors work best for Modern Farmhouse windows. A set of wood blinds in a whitish gray could be just the ticket for a room filled with black trim, granite, white cabinetry, and subtly patterned rugs. Wood grains, particularly in lighter shades, can provide a rustic, naturalistic element that ties together walls, floor, and décor. Get blinds in a cordless configuration to avoid any cords that would detract from the simplicity of the blinds.

Wood Shutters

Graber Wood Shutters in a modern farmhouse

Many of the same visual effects achieved with wood blinds can be accomplished with wood shutters. Shutters have a simplicity and sturdiness that works quite well with the quality furnishings and fixtures typically found in a Modern-Farmhouse style home.

Natural Shades

Graber Natural Shades in a modern farmhouse style living room

Perhaps the most beautiful and interesting of all window treatments is the natural shade. These attractive shades are made with wood, rattan, jute, grasses, or bamboo to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces of craftsmanship and natural patterns. Natural shades come in a range of colors, and some of the lighter colors are ideal for a Modern Farmhouse room design. Natural shades play well against white walls and wood furniture, and they create an especially strong contrast to industrial lighting and other metal fixtures. Choose a cordless option to make raising and lowering these sturdy shades effortless.

Layering Window Treatments in a Modern Farmhouse

Layering window treatments has a number of benefits, including increased privacy and light control, insulation against heat and cold, and added depth and visual interest. Layered window treatments can work quite well in a Modern Farmhouse design—the key is simplicity. Simple shapes, lines, textures, patterns—the combined window treatments should be subdued and not detract from the rest of the décor nor clash. Here are a few ways to make layered window treatments work in a Modern Farmhouse room.

Sheer Drapes Over Natural Shades

Graber Sheer Drapes Over Natural Shades in farmhouse style living room

Natural shades are beautiful. But sometimes, you need a little light. Layer sheer drapes over a natural shade to provide filtered light when the natural shade is open. The combination of the natural materials of the shade with the gossamer fabric is a delightful pairing that is ideally suited to the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic

Blackout Drapes Over Sheer Shades

Graber Blackout Drapes

Sheer shades filter the light and create a soft atmosphere that can be quite pleasant and relaxing. However, sheer shades do not provide much in the way of privacy. That’s where blackout drapes come in. Add a set of blackout drapes in a light color and you have the perfect combination to serve as a backdrop for both modern and rustic elements.

Drapes Over Shutters

Another excellent combination for a Modern Farmhouse look is drapery over shutters. Shutters in white or a neutral color coupled with white, off-white, or sheer drapery can be just the ticket for creating that country-meets-city ambiance.

The Bottom Line: Many Options for Modern Farmhouse Window Treatments

If you’re looking to create a Modern Farmhouse interior in your home, be conscious of your window treatment selection. Color, pattern, shape, and texture can all contribute to your design scheme—or detract from it. Your Graber Design Expert has experience with the Modern Farmhouse style and can help steer you in the right direction.

Don’t just dream about your Modern Farmhouse project—start seeing the colors and fabrics that can make your dream come true. Order your swatches today!