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The Graber Visualizer on a mobile phone.

Customize & View Blinds and Shades In Your Space

Selecting window treatments should be fun. After all, they’re all about color and light! You should be able to see all the options all at once, and the process should not be a mystery.

The Graber Visualizer displaying cellular shades on windows in a bedroom.

Graber Visualizer gives you a fun and fully functional tool for exploring all the window treatment options.

Try it for yourself. Visit the Graber Visualizer and start using it right now.

Simple, Easy Steps

The Graber Visualizer starting page.

Begin by clicking “Room in My House” to upload a photo of your room. Or select “Sample Rooms” to choose from one of the Visualizer’s sample rooms.

The Graber Visualizer displaying classic roman shades on windows in a living room.

Once you’ve selected a room, simply follow the process. Start by choosing a window treatment by clicking on a product from the righthand column. Try different window treatments and see how they look. Using the arrow icons at the bottom of the screen, you can see how the window treatment looks opened, closed, and everywhere in between. This lets you see how the window treatment looks in the full range of “poses.”

The Graber Visualizer showing colors available in chosen shade.

After selecting a window-treatment type, click “Next” to move on to colors. Here you’ll choose the fabric or color. Try as many fabrics as you’d like. Many people are surprised by which colors look good in their home—you’ll find lots of new ideas and expand your possibilities.

The Graber Visualizer showing what options are available with chosen shades.

Once you’ve settled on something, click “Next” to see the different options available for the configuration you’ve chosen. You’ll see everything you select depicted in the room scene to the left so you have a clear idea of what you’re choosing. Then from there, click next to see the specifications for everything you’ve selected.

The Graber Visualizer showing the product specifications of chosen shade.

Finally, click “info” and then “Product Sheet” to get a PDF of what you’ve selected.

Share Your Results

The product sheet is very useful because it can be shared with anyone, including a Graber Design Expert to show what you’re looking for. The Graber Design Expert can help you refine your selection to ensure you get a finished window treatment that functions perfectly and looks great for many years to come.

Try the Graber Visualizer now and download the app for your phone.