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Graber soft roman shades in a kitchen.

3 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Blinds or Shades

Do you have old window treatments? Not really sure how old they are?

Are you thinking that you might just try to go another year with those vertical blinds that look like a toothless grin or sheer drapery that looks like Swiss cheese?

Well this little guide is for you. Here are three signs that might just mean you need new blinds or shades.

Graber sheer shades that are yellowing and fading.

1. Yellowing, Streaking, Staining, Fading

One major sign its time to replace your blinds or shades is if you spot any stains, discolorations, or other changes that won’t come out with a little soap and water or a sweep of the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. Yellowing happens because of light exposure, smoke residue, or the slow oxidation of glues and other chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Streaking can have a number of different causes, but the most likely culprit is water, especially constant wetting and rewetting over a long period of time. Staining can mean anything from spaghetti sauce flung across the kitchen to a greasy handprint. And fading is almost always from the process of sunlight slowly bleaching out unstable color pigments over many years.

If any of these things have happened to your window treatments, it’s time to get new ones.

A Frequently Asked Question: How long do blinds typically last?

Treated with care, blinds and shades can last for many years. Graber uses world-class materials that can handle the rigors of daily use. But abused or used incorrectly, blinds and shades will wear out much faster.

Graber cordless control mechanism on solar shades.

2. Lift Systems or Controls Stick or Just Don’t Work

A second sign its time to look at replacing your blinds or shades is if raising and lowering them is becoming an issue. These problems slowly increase over time and it’s usually harder to notice them.

For example, on blinds or shades controlled with cords, it can become increasingly harder to raise and lower the blinds when you pull the cord. Or the tilt mechanism slowly gets harder to turn.

On roller shades, it might get to the point that it takes tug after tug to get the shade to lift—or multiple attempts to get the shade to catch when you’re pulling it down.

These are all signs your lift systems and controls are on their last legs, and it's time to look at replacing your blinds or shades.

Graber soft roman shades in good condition

3. Frayed Edges, Pieces Detaching, Glue Gone Bad

A third sign its time to replace your blinds or shades is deterioration, caused by use and the environment they are placed in. Shades made with natural materials like wood or grass may begin to split and break along the edges. Fabric shades get cuts, notches, and fraying or loose threads. Wood blinds get chipped—by children, pets, or flying objects. And fabric shades like cellular shades or sheer shades (fabric blinds) can start coming apart due to glue failure.

Bonus Sign#4: Out of Style

A bonus sign it's time to replace your blinds or shades is they are simply out of style.

If your friends are pointing out how ugly your vinyl blinds are, you can ignore them if you have a strong constitution.

But, if YOU look at them every day and think about how ugly they are, then you’re ready for new window treatments.

Don’t Despair

Now if these things are happening to your window treatments, remember that nothing lasts forever—especially something exposed to the sun, plus grubby hands and all the general messiness of happy home life—year after year.

The good news is that Graber makes some of the best window treatments on the planet, and a shade, blind, shutter, or drapery purchased today will have many years of happy life in your home—probably a lot longer life than your last window treatments had. And because Graber’s interior design experts hand select each fabric to make sure it is durable, beautiful, and on trend, your window treatments will look fresh and stylish for many years.

Ready to replace some or all the window treatments in your home? Contact your local Graber Design Expert to get started.