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Graber faux wood blinds in a kitchen.

7 Window Treatments to Let the Sunshine In

Window Treatments 101

Sunlight is life giving. It might cause sunburns and the UV rays might fade our carpets, but we all need a little sunshine at times. There are medical reasons for enjoying a little sun, including getting our daily dose of vitamin D, elevating our mood, improving the quality of our sleep, and even increasing our metabolism.

Your choice of window treatment has a lot to do with how much sunlight comes into your home. In fact, regulating sunshine is one of the most important jobs a blind, shade, shutter, or drapery can do.

Here’s a quick guide to finding the window treatment that gives you the sun you want when you want it—and in the right amount.

Easy Does It: Cellular Shades

Graber cellular shades in a living room. If you’re looking for light but still want a fair amount of control of privacy and heat, the cellular shade is your option. Choose a light-filtering fabric for soft, beautiful light on sunny days. Cellular shades are the most popular of all window treatments and are available in a range of attractive fabrics.

Range of Options: Roller and Solar Shades

Roller Shades

Graber cordless roller shades in a bedroom. Roller shades boast an even larger variety of fabrics than cellular shades. When closed, a light-filtering roller shade can turn sunlight into gentle glow. And, if you want the full effect of the sun, a cordless version of a roller shade can be raised and lowered with the touch of a hand. Add motorization and you have the ultimate in convenience.

Solar Shades

Graber motorized solar shades in a living room. Solar shades offer the same advantages of roller shades but with less control of privacy. The solar shade fabrics are highly durable and stand up to any amount of sun. Choose a fabric that has just the right amount of openness to bring in the light you want. And, like roller shades, solar shades can be configured to be either cordless or motorized.

Unlimited Control: Blinds

Graber wood blinds in a living room. Wood, faux wood, and aluminum blinds are a traditional option for controlling light. They can be adjusted to give just the right amount of sunlight while still maintaining a view to the outdoors. Depending on your décor, blinds might be an excellent option for those wanting lots of light and the ability to make subtle adjustments.

Easy and Elegant: Drapery

Graber drapery in a bedroom. Open the drapes with a sweep of your hands for a full dose of sun. (Better yet, use the control rods and gently slide open the curtains.) Drapery allows you quick access to the light. And, with sheer drapery, you can capture glorious light while still filtering out some of the UV rays and glare. Drapery might be the ultimate solution in terms of versatility and range of options. There are very few settings where a set of drapes wouldn’t work.

Be Unique: Sheer and Layered Shades

Sheer Shades

Graber sheer shades in a living room. Sheer shades are also known as soft blinds. That’s because they are an all-fabric version of traditional blinds and operate in a very similar way. The light-filtering ability of sheer shades truly sets them apart—they seem to capture the light and bring it into the room while still maintaining privacy.

Layered Shades

Graber motorized layered shades in a living room. Layered shades also have a distinctive look. They utilize two moving layers of fabric to control light and privacy. When open, they have a zebra-striped appearance that is striking.

Close Them When You’re Done Enjoying the Sun

There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. Unfiltered sunlight can damage carpet, furniture, and other furnishings, and can quickly heat up a room. So, let your window treatments do what they do best: protect against light. Close your blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery when you don’t want to let the sun in. It will save your home décor from sun damage and help your utility bills.

One way to make closing your window treatments easy is motorization. By motorizing your shades, you make opening and closing them nearly effortless. And, with Graber’s smart technology, you can do things like using your phone as a remote and even controlling your window treatments from anywhere in the world. Ask your Graber Design Expert about all the amazing options.

During the summer, take control of the sun. Bring some sunshine into your life—and keep it out when you don’t need it. Choose the right window treatments and you’ll get exactly the sunlight you want.