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Roman Shades (Landing)

Your Five-step Guide to Spring Cleaning

Get your home ready for the new season with Graber Blinds' Five-Step Guide to Spring Cleaning! Learn how to clean your window treatments and refresh your living space.

Simple Secrets for More Restful Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the importance of sleep goes way beyond combatting your groggy early morning commute. As humans, we rely on good sleep to help us maintain happy and healthy lifestyles. While we do our best to get to bed on time, many of us struggle to fall or stay asleep.

Black and White

Choose solid colors in cellular shades or vertical blinds, or add a graphic element with soft treatments that mix black and white.

Light and Bright

Whites come in every tone imaginable, whether you are looking for a cooler white in cellular shades for an office or warmer white soft treatments for a nursery.

Uniquely You

Whether your style leans towards lively printed soft treatments or bold berry-hued cellular shades, Graber has options that you’ll love.

Custom Motorized Shades for Construction 2 Style

Construction 2 Style completed their sport court journey with custom motorized shades. Come see the process of customized shades from design to installation.

Why Graber’s New Eco-Performance Solar Shades Could Be Perfect for Your Home

Check out Graber's Eco-Performance solar shades collections with Eco-Friendly fabrics options and beat the heat and UV rays in style.

Window Treatments for the Beach: Camille Styles’ Plan for Her New Zuma Beach House

Looking to renovate? Camille Styles and her team dive into some thoughts and tips while renovating their Zuma Beach House. Learn what window treatments they plan to pick for each room, why, and more!

How to Take Photos of Window Treatments

Learn how to share your style! 5 interior design photography tips to help you take the best photo of your blinds and shades.

Free Swatches

Sample the durable, quality fabrics and materials of custom Graber window treatments—delivered right to your door.

Can My Blinds Be Cleaned Safely?

Learn how to clean Graber blinds safely to keep your window treatments as fresh and clean on day 2,000 as they were on day one!

For Dealers

Become a Graber dealer and experience the high quality selection of blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes with limited lifetime warranties on all products.

Create a Subdued Retreat with These 5 Design Elements

With so much going on, it’s no wonder that reducing chaos to create a subdued retreat at home is the latest interior design trend. Below are five on-trend styles you can use to recreate this trend in your home—as well as some superbly crafted, custom Graber window treatment recommendations that can help bring it all to life.

Shades and Blinds for Sliding-Glass Doors

Use our helpful guide to find the perfect window treatments for sliding doors! From types of treatments to help finding an expert, we’ve got you covered!

Window Treatments 101: Bathroom Windows

Looking to add privacy and style to your bathroom? Explore Graber’s bathroom window treatment options and order your swatches today!

Warranty Coverage

The Graber Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures a lifetime of beauty, excellence, and service when you need it most.

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning blinds doesn't have to be a chore! From cellular shades to faux wood blinds, keep your window treatments clean with these easy instructions by Graber.

Window Cord Safety

Cordless options on nearly all Graber custom window treatments are the safest solution for children and pets, giving you peace of mind.

Five Reasons Why You Should Layer Your Window Treatments

Discover the top 5 reasons why layering your window treatments is a game-changer for your home decor. Read now for advice and inspiration.


Graber Window Treatments are sustainably made with you in mind. We do our part to ensure resources will be plentiful and pure for generations to come.

Winterize Your Home in Fall

Take charge of your winter chores in Fall and you’ll be sitting pretty when the temperatures drop and the snow flies. You can bask in the glow of your hard work.

I Installed Blackout Shades in My Bedroom to Help Me Sleep, and It Worked! Here’s How

Read about how Camille solved her sleep problems with our Blackout Shades and how they can help you as well.

Crafting Relaxation: How to design a Relaxing Space with Color, Texture, and Technology

Elevate relaxation at home — Explore Graber's expert tips for designing a soothing sanctuary with window treatments, color, texture, and technology.

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