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Graber Motorized Wand

Graber Motorized Wand

New, Easy to Use, and Convenient, Too!

Simple, Quiet, and Powerful
You'll Love This control option

The sleek Graber Motorized Wand offers all the safety benefits of cordless control with the convenience of motorization. It’s a great choice if you want the extra power of motorization for your Graber Motorized Shades, but aren’t ready for remotes or smart home apps.

  • Intuitive three-button wand moves the shade up, down, or to your favorite/home position
  • Choose from four popular shades: cellular, pleated, roller, and solar
  • Several wand lengths available: 24”, 36”, 48”, and 84”
  • Wand is available in white or black to coordinate with the shade
  • Choose your favorite power option: plug-in transformer, rechargeable battery pack, or a reloadable battery case that you fill with either AA lithium or AA alkaline batteries
Graber Motorized Wand