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The Graber UltraLite Lift System

Virtually Weightless & Perfectly Precise

Upgrade to the groundbreaking Graber UltraLite Lift System and enjoy a sophisticated operation that requires only the lightest touch to lift and lower the shade—a family-friendly feature perfect for all stages of life. Plus, it’s so easy to precisely place the shade. No adjustment necessary! Bring luxury to your lifestyle with this whisper-quiet innovation.

Seeing Is Believing

Once you see the new Graber UltraLite Lift in action, you’ll want to try it for yourself. This must-have system is available exclusively with Graber Solar and Roller Shades.

Whatever Your Window | Whatever Your Style

Not all lift controls are built the same. The new Graber UltraLite Lift System covers more configurations than the competition. In fact, the UltraLite is compatible with 60% more window sizes on average than the closest competitor.* More than that, the Graber UltraLite elevates the elegance of your home, no matter your style.

*Based upon averages from published coverage charts using directly comparable fabrics.

UltraLite Lift System

Thoughtful Design for Your Distinguished Home

Smooth & Superior Operation

Lift and lower your solar or roller shade with a featherlight touch—so smooth, so effortless!

Precise Placement

Groundbreaking design allows you to precisely place your shade—the first time, every time.

Smaller Light Gap

The UltraLite lift system allows less daylight at the edge of the shade—so you can sleep in longer.

Quieter Function

Our most discreet lift, the whisper-quiet operation won’t wake a slumbering baby or disturb a napping partner.

An Elegant Look

Our attractive mounting hardware coordinates with your Graber Shade. Plus, the mechanical components are hidden for an all-around pleasing aesthetic.

Outperforming Our Competitors

Not all lift controls are built the same. On average, Graber UltraLite Lift System is compatible with 60% more window sizes than a leading competitor.* Once again, Graber raises the bar on raising the shade.

*Based upon averages from published coverage charts using directly comparable fabrics.

UltraLite Lift Options

Cordless Lift Blind Options Designed for Your Lifestyle

Graber UltraLite Cordless Lift is the stylish standard, providing a clean, uncluttered look. As always, cordless lift is the safer option for homes with kids and pets.

The Graber UltraLite Dual Lift is operated as both continuous-loop lift and cordless lift—and is ideal for controlling larger shades on wide or tall windows.

Precision placement is this easy—try it

Available with Graber Solar & Roller Shades

Both shade types feature fabulous fabrics in the freshest color palette. Light control and privacy levels vary, so please check out the Graber Solar and Graber Roller Shades pages for more information.

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