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Graber cordless layered and zebra shades on windows in a living room.

The 3 Best Rooms for Cordless Shades

If you don’t have cordless shades in your home, you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to make your household routine run more smoothly. A simple lift of a hem bar or bottomrail and you have a view of the world. Then, shut out the world with a single pull.

With cordless shades, your windows become integral parts of your routine—and that means optimal light, fresh air, and maximizing the functionality of your windows.

If you’re looking to upgrade your window treatments to cordless, you’re buying at the right time. Today’s cordless technology is outstanding. Lifting and lowering a Graber shade just feels good. Are you ready to experience the joy of cordless shades? Here’s where to start.

Graber cordless classic roman shades on windows in a bedroom.


Cordless shades can really transform your bedtime and morning routines. The benefits of an extremely simple-to-use shade become obvious when you are operating the shade at regular times each day.

Cordless shades let you start and end your day with ease. When you’re tired and ready to go to bed, it’s nice to have shades that work so easily. And in the morning, getting your shades raised to let in the sun takes almost no effort at all.

Roller and cellular shades are ideal cordless shades for bedrooms.

Graber cordless cellular shades on windows in a living room.

Super Sunny Living Rooms

Living rooms can get overheated by the sun at certain times of the day. These rooms are well served by a cordless shade—particularly a cordless solar shade. When that late afternoon sun starts heating up the room, simply pull the shade down and you’re instantly protected.

While cellular, pleated, sheer, roller, and layered shades are all effective solutions for an overheating room, the solar shade is the king of sun control. The specially woven fabric is built to stand up to the heat and UV rays of the sun. And solar shades come in a variety of openness levels to give you some view to the outdoors. So, if you have an attractive view out your window but are combating bright sun, the solar shade can stop the sun while still maintaining a view.

Graber cordless real wood blinds on windows in a childrens playroom.

Children's Bedrooms and Playrooms

Cordless shades have no hanging cords, making them perfect for children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Many children are capable of operating cordless shades. A quick pull of a hem bar or bottom rail and the shade is down. No fumbling with cords or controls—just a pull. And raising the shade is even easier. Kids can lift the bottom rail from underneath and the shade goes back up.

Roller and solar shades come in a variety of colors, which makes it easy to find a fabric that suits a room designed for kids.

Cordless Makes Sense Almost Everywhere in the Home

There are very few places where cordless shades wouldn’t work. Windows that are high or hard to reach might need a solution such as a continuous-loop cord lift system. But most windows can be covered with a cordless shade that brings convenience to your routine.

Graber remote controlling motorized cellular shades.

Want Even More Convenience? Consider Motorized Shades

The only window treatment control system more convenient than a cordless shade is a motorized shade. Graber offers the full range of motorized shades in a variety of controls, including smart home compatible systems that let you control your shades from anywhere in the world.

Upgrade your home and your lifestyle with cordless shades—contact a Graber Design Expert to get started.