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Graber Cordless Cellular Shades in Living Room.

Cordless Blinds & Shades: Your Complete Guide

Cordless blinds and shades not only make life easier, but they're also safer for homes with children and pets, all while enhancing the overall aesthetic with their clean and uncluttered looks. Once you see window treatments without cords, it’s hard to go back to the old system. And most importantly, cordless window treatments work beautifully. Decades of innovation and research have created cordless technology that works flawlessly and stands up to daily use.

Reasons To Choose Cordless Blinds and Shades

  1. Easy To Use

    If you’ve never used cordless window shades or blinds before, gently lifting a cordless window treatment with the touch of a hand will be a revelation. Cordless blinds and shades are incredibly easy to raise and lower.
  2. Safety

    Having no cords improves safety in homes with children and pets.
  3. Enhanced Aesthetics

    Going cordless means a clean and uncluttered look.  
  4. Endless Options

    Our wide range of cordless options means you have endless freedom when selecting your blinds and shades. Nearly every set of blinds or shades can be ordered as cordless.

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How do cordless blinds work?

Cordless window blinds and shades work by using sleek, ergonomic handles to guide your blind or shade into place by gently lifting the bottomrail. This makes it a breeze to control privacy and adjust the light coming into your home. Having window treatments that are so easy to use means you’ll enjoy adjusting your shades and blinds to get the full benefit of the sun, views, and fresh air.

Popular Cordless Shades

Cordless Cellular Shades & Pleated Shades

Graber Cordless Cellular Shades in Living Room

Cordless cellular or pleated shades work by simply raising and lowering the bottom rail to your desired position. The narrower the width of the window, the lighter and easier the shade is to maneuver. Some cordless shades have a small clear handle on the bottom rail to provide a convenient place to grab ahold of the shade. The whole process feels effortless. Open and close your cellular and pleated shades with a pinch of your index finger and thumb. Cellular shades are a popular product because they increase the energy efficiency of your home with honeycomb-shaped cells that trap insulating air. A cordless configuration turns these versatile shades into the ultimate window-treatment.

Cordless Natural Shades

Cordless Natural Shades in Living Room

Cordless natural shades work much like a set of cordless cellular shades and cordless horizontal blinds: lower the shade holding the bottom rail level and then gently pulling it down into place. To raise your natural shades, hold the bottom rail with both hands and tilt the back of the bottom rail about 45 degrees towards you and lift to the desired position. (This 45-degree angle allows the folds of your natural Roman shade to align so that the shade raises more smoothly.) Graber’s sophisticated cordless mechanisms make it surprisingly easy to raise and lower these beautiful and durable natural shades.

Cordless Blinds

Graber Cordless Aluminum Horizontal Blinds in Laundry Room

Horizontal blinds are everywhere. The cordless version of the ubiquitous horizontal blind is something that must be experienced. A set of real-wood blinds in a cordless configuration seems too good to be true. They can be raised and lowered with complete ease to exactly the position you desire. Lift and lower by holding the bottom rail. This simple process is the same for cordless vinyl or aluminum blinds as well as cordless wood or faux wood blinds. Light and privacy control—adjusting the slats of the blind—can be accomplished with a wand, another cordless control that’s simple to use.

Cordless Shutters

Graber Wood Shutters in Living Room

Shutters are one of the most classic and durable window treatments. And, by their simple design, they are completely cordless. But their simple operation allows for several control options. Louvers can be opened or closed using a tilt bar or by adjusting the louvers directly with a hidden tilt option. Split tilt allows you to adjust the top and bottom portion of the shutter separately.

Choosing Your Cordless Lift System

Every Graber cordless lift system will work seamlessly and with minimal effort. Graber's cordless lift systems have been designed for both durability and convenience—which means you get a window treatment that will simplify your life, not complicate it. To discover Graber's cordless lift systems, click here.

The Bottom Line: Cordless Makes Life Easier

Getting cords out of the way makes your window treatments look better. That lack of cords also improves safety in homes with children and pets. And cordless blinds and shades make life so much easier—a simple lift or pull brings privacy and light control in an instant. Upgrading to cordless window blinds or shades lets you get the most out of your window treatments and improves your lifestyle by making a part of your daily routine smoother and easier. Your Graber Design Expert knows just how to upgrade your life with cordless technology.

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