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Types of Roller & Solar Shade Valances

Window Treatments 101

Modern homeowners love the clean, sleek look of solar and roller shades, but in some rooms, their minimalistic appeal can sometimes feel a little understated.

Enter top treatments – the collective industry term for any decorative board attached to the top of a window or door, creating an architectural finish. Valances, cornices, swags, cascades and Palladian shelves are examples of top treatments that can easily add style and dimension to your décor.

But Wait, aren't shade valances out of style?

Contrary to popular belief, valances can have a very modern or contemporary feel. Bonus: If you’ve got smaller windows or minor blemishes in the wall from bygone window treatments, valances can not only help make your window look larger, but conceal headrails, hardware and imperfections, too!

Keep reading for a high-level guide to the best top treatment options out there for solar and roller shades:

The Top 4 Types of Shade Valances

1. Graber Contour Valance

A slightly rounded, contemporary, fabric-wrapped valance that is available on most shade styles. Designed to hide hardware, contour valances may be set with the same or complementary fabric as the shade for a nice finishing touch. Contour valances are usually mounted separately from the shade.

Roller Shade with Cordless Lift, Fabric-Wrapped Hem Bar: Mayfair, Risotto 21313, Tassels, and Contour Valance

2. Cassette Valance

Cassette valances are more distinctly curved, with the main difference being that they conceal the fabric roll at the top of the shade. This makes it look almost as if your shade is rolling directly up into the valance. Cassette valances are ideal for blackout roller shades and are typically built into the shade itself for a sleek and modern look.

Roller Shade with Cordless Lift, Fabric-Wrapped Hem Bar: Emerson, Poised Pewter 21393, and Cassette Valance

3. Flat Valance

Flat valances are typically 5" in height and wrapped in the same fabric as your shade. Since they’re flat, they don’t jut out as much as their contour or cassette counterparts. In fact, they often sit flush with your window frame for a finished, streamlined look.


4. Fascia

Installed with box brackets on the ends with aluminum fronts snapped onto them, fascias are the boxiest and sleekest of the bunch. Similar to the cassette valance, fascias are also designed to conceal the fabric roll at the top of the shade and are usually offered in a clear, anodized or powder-coated color finish for a sometimes satiny, contemporary look.

Solar Shade with Motorized Lift, Fabric-Wrapped Hem Bar: Harmonics, Titanium 10111, and 4" Fascia: Black

Take Your Style Over the top

Top treatments can be a very subtle way to add just the right finishing touch to your décor. Some of these options may or may not be available on your solar or roller shade, depending on what lift options you have, but with so many choices, you’re bound to find one that hits the mark.

Happy styling!