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Cordless roller shades on windows in a bedroom.

What are Roller Shades?

Roller shades are what people generally mean when they use the term shades. A roller shade is simply a continuous piece of seamless fabric held on a roll. That roll includes mechanisms to make adjusting the shade simple and easy. In fact, roller shades are the simplest of all window treatment options. And on top of that, they might also be the most stylish: the huge variety of exquisite roller-shade fabrics can turn a window-treatment replacement into a room-changing upgrade.   

Fabrics to Fall in Love With

Graber Roller Shades are available in some of the most interesting fabrics, with many patterns and designs unique to the roller-shade category. It is the simplicity of the roller-shade design—beautiful fabric on a roll—that allows for so many captivating colors, patterns, and textures.  


The range of fabric choices makes shopping for roller shades a fun and creative process. Graber has just launched a slate of new fabrics in the roller shade category. You’ll find fresh ideas for harmonizing your décor or creating drama and contrast. Our design experts bring decades of experience to the fabric-selection process and have chosen fabrics that not only look great but will delight for years to come—designs and colors that have staying power.   

A Highly Practical Option

Roller shades are easy. The time-tested roller design lets you adjust the height of the shade almost effortlessly. A closed roller shade blocks UV rays, protects against heat, and insulates against cold. And a roller shade is easily opened all the way—in fact, it’s easier to completely open than any other type of window treatment. For windows that need to be frequently accessed for fresh air, a roller shade is ideal. For windows where you want to have full, unhindered views to the outside, a roller shade is also your answer.  


Combine with Drapery for Breathtaking Results

A roller shade combined with a set of traditional drapes might be the most functional, complete window-treatment system available. The roller shade allows completely open views to the outdoors—or total privacy—while the drapery provides coverage along the sides of the shade (the places where light can seep in) for a darker room. A sheer drapery can filter light and add a touch of elegance when drawn across a window with an opened roller shade. And because of the huge variety of roller shades and the massive assortment of drapery fabrics, you have the design tools for creating precisely the right combination of fabrics for your room.  


The Ultimate Convenience

Roller shades can be configured to provide you the ultimate in convenience. The Graber Corldess UltraLite Lift System lets you lift and lower your shades with the lightest touch. And not only is the UltraLite system easy, it’s incredibly quiet: you can adjust your shades without waking someone sleeping nearby. 


The Bottom Line on Roller Shades

When you want a window treatment that looks exquisite but handles with ease, look to roller shades. The list of available roller shade fabrics gives you an opportunity to make your window the obvious focal point of the room or a subtle contributor to a stately design plan. Roller shades are also great team players when paired with curtains and drapery. And motorized options turn an already easy-to-use shade into a marvel of modern design (for a hard-to-reach window, a motorized shade is often the best solution).