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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Home for a Healthier Environment

Health is something we have learned to value more than ever over the past couple of years. Creating an environment of wellness includes taking both physical and mental wellbeing into account. We want to be free of germs and toxins to avoid getting sick, and we want to keep our minds clear to avoid stress and exhaustion. Setting up your home to be the centerpiece of a healthy lifestyle takes mindful decisions and simple solutions that can be incorporated into your existing space.

As you think about spring cleaning to help declutter—which also reduces stress—and give your home a good scrub down for overall cleanliness, consider these five ways to promote more wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

1. Green Cleaning Products: For overall wellness, look at the chemicals you bring into your home. One source is cleaning products. Instead of using store-bought cleaners, you can make your own with natural ingredients. Simply buy some spray bottles and a funnel and start mixing substances such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. You can even add your favorite essential oils to make them smell good. There are plenty of recipes online for green cleaning formulas. If you opt to buy products that call themselves “green cleaning products” in the store, be sure to check the label for the ingredients and look for any chemical additives.

2. Water Filters: Drinking a lot of water should be on your wellness plan. Water is important for hydration, nutrient absorption, and flushing toxins from your system, which all add to a healthy lifestyle. Filtered water will taste better, smell better, and be rid of chlorine and other contaminants, encouraging you and your family to drink more water. Filters are available as whole home water filtration systems, sink filter attachments, water coolers or water filter pitchers.

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3. Graber Healthy Home Cellular Fabric Shades: Wouldn’t it be nice if your window treatments could perform double-duty as a wellness product? Now they can! Graber’s new Healthy Home Fabrics are made with a proprietary coating to make them antimicrobial, antibacterial and odor-reducing. Plus, they are designed to reduce the need for cleaning—and who wouldn’t love that! Their honeycomb-shaped cells provide better insultation and energy savings in winter and summer. There are 20 Healthy Home fabrics in stylish, soft-spun materials and colors to choose from for an easy home upgrade.

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4. Air Purifiers: Filtering the air of your home to reduce toxins can form part of your healthy lifestyle. Chemicals, allergens, unpleasant odors, airborne germs, and hazardous particles can all be in the air you breathe. An air purifier can provide cleaner indoor air quality. They come in various options such as whole home filters with flat, extended media, ultraviolet or electronic filters that work with your HVAC system. You can also opt for portable room filters or portable ionic units and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

5. Natural Air Fresheners: Are there unpleasant odors lurking in your home? Before you reach for a commercial air freshener spray or plug-in, consider that these products are often loaded with harmful chemicals that you will be breathing in your home. Instead, consider natural air fresheners. There are several easy ways to add delightful scents to freshen your air without any damaging side effects. Try an aromatherapy air diffuser that uses essential oils, a soy-based candle that doesn’t contain petroleum-based paraffin wax, or just crack open a good ol’ box of affordable baking soda, which is known for its odor-absorbing qualities.

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6. Plants: Our friends from mother nature, indoor plants, can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making the air you breathe in your home cleaner and fresher. You may not realize that your home has poor indoor air quality due to chemicals released in vapor—aka “off-gassing”—from the materials used in your furniture, carpets and cleaning products. Plants can help counter this issue. Plus, having some nature around is soothing for the senses; it helps unconsciously ground you and reduce stress. According to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, interaction with indoor plants, such as smelling, touching, and caring for, can reduce physiological and psychological stress.

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