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5 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home

As the sustainable lifestyle is becoming more popular, you may find yourself spending more time outdoors. However, creating a space indoors that allows you to connect with nature is also important in achieving a more balanced life focused on sustainability and the environment.

Incorporating these five natural elements into your home can help assist in motivation, focus, energy, and minimizing stress throughout the day. They can also help create a house of sustainability with character.

1. Plants

When it comes to nature, most think of plants: trees, flowers, grass. Plants are an important detail to add to one’s home because it purifies the heavy air in the summer months, making it less dry, and improving the quality. The more plants the better, and there is an abundance of different types to choose from. Whether it be a succulent, a large floor plant, or a vase of flowers on the kitchen table—plants can be catered to everyone’s interests. Surrounding yourself with plants helps the mind connect with nature, even if it may not be in an outdoor setting.

2. Essential Oil Scents

Just the smell of nature itself can brighten someone’s mood to spark creativity and new ideas. Bringing the aromas of nature into your home can duplicate the same good energy as being outside. By using essential oil scents such as cedar, lavender, and sandalwood through a diffuser or humidifier, these mood-altering smells can make their way throughout your entire home, tricking your mind into thinking you’re outdoors. Use mindfully—one to two drops go a long way and is more eco-friendly!

3. Graber Natural Shades

Nature can be applied to your home through functionality and design, featuring natural materials that create products such as woven wood or bamboo shades. Graber Natural Woven Shades offer a unique design that is handmade from sustainable materials such as bamboo, woven wood, jute, reed, and grasses that are available in several different textures and colors. Look closer and you’ll see the organic details throughout the product, such as mineral marks, knotting, variations, uneven spacing, and pattern changes. What’s more, Graber offers cordless blinds and light filtering options, among other customizations, that can be personalized to fit your needs. Utilizing these materials is the ultimate way to incorporate nature into your home. For maximum coordination, consider Graber Natural Drapes and Graber Sliding Panels to get a cohesive feel throughout your entire home.

4. Indoor Herb Garden

Growing herbs in your home is a delicious way to bring the garden inside. Not only is it sustainable to grow your own, but being surrounded by fresh herbs such as saffron, lavender, and chamomile can encourage focus, improve your mood, and elevate productivity. These herbs are components of products that are made to have calming effects. What’s better than having those products in your pantry? Allowing these herbs to be in all your favorite spaces throughout your home!

5. Colors of Nature

Incorporating the colors found in nature such as soft blues, warm greens, cozy browns, and smooth yellows into your home’s art, furniture, and other accessories can coincide with other natural elements (like bamboo shades!) you may have already applied. Keeping a consistent palette of neutrals that remind you of the outdoors throughout your home can brighten up the space, making it more inviting to spend extended periods of time in. Creating a space indoors that allows you to connect with nature could be just what your home needs to live a more balanced life. Incorporating sustainable and natural pieces like Graber Natural Woven Shades is a great way to start.