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Composite Shutters in a bathroom

Window Treatments For Bathrooms

How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Window Treatments

Heat, water, high humidity, different privacy and light requirements, color scheme, style, durability—there are a lot of things to take into account when searching for the right window treatments for bathrooms. Luckily, Graber has a solution to every one of those items—in a nearly countless array of colors and styles.

In this article, we’ll talk about all the challenges, variables, and solutions, and we’ll give you ideas that will hopefully inspire your own creativity. You’ll discover that finding the perfect bathroom window coverings aren't difficult when you know what to look for.

Popular Bathroom Window Coverings

Roller Shades

Graber Blackout Roller Shades in a bathroom

A roller shade is one of the simplest window treatments available. Hung on a roller and easy to operate, a roller shade can be an excellent choice for some bathrooms. One of the best reasons to choose a roller shade for your bathroom is the abundance of beautiful fabrics—some of the most cheerful and delightful colors and patterns can be found in Graber’s roller-shade collection. The key is selecting a material that gives you the right amount of light and privacy. When deciding on the right level of light and privacy, take into consideration where the bathroom window is in relation to the outside world—both in terms of the orientation of the sun as well as sightlines.

Faux Wood & Composite Blinds

Graber Faux Wood Blinds in a bathroom

Blinds are a great option for bathroom window coverings. Although some people do put wood blinds in their bathrooms, it is not recommended—because there are better options. Graber’s faux-wood and composite blinds are outstanding options for a high-humidity environment. Both faux-wood and composite blinds resist warping, fading, cracking, and peeling and are at home in bathrooms as well as kitchens and laundry rooms. These blinds are tough! Best of all, they come in an array of colors and textures, making it easy to find a set of blinds that matches your décor. Graber’s blinds are mechanically durable as well, meaning you’ll enjoy years of reliable use. Learn how faux-wood and composite blinds can add the classic warmth of wood to any bathroom.

Natural Woven Shades

Graber Natural Shades in a bathroom

An unexpected choice for a bathroom is natural woven shades. Made with wood, grass, bamboo, jute, or rattan, natural woven shades—and their cousins, natural drapery—add a natural flavor to a room’s décor. On top of that, natural shades are durable and have a sturdiness that makes them especially pleasant to operate. You’ll find a surprising range of colors among the natural-shade fabric collections. If you’re looking for something interesting and even surprising, try a natural shade.

Roman Shades

Graber Classic Roman Shades in a bathroom

Roman shades come in two different basic types—tailored Roman and classic Roman. The tailored version uses the time-tested Roman-shade design with beautiful, premium fabrics to create a truly elegant shade. The wide selection of tailored Roman fabrics makes it easy to create a window treatment that coordinates with the rest of the bathroom’s décor. The classic Roman shade uses durable fabrics from a subtle, earthtone-heavy color palette—and the result is a sleek and clean shade that works exceptionally well in a bathroom. An important consideration for both types of Roman shades is privacy. Select a fabric that gives you the right amount of privacy and you’ll have a window treatment that’s easy to operate and conveys a timeless style.

Vinyl Blinds

Graber Vinyl Blinds in a bathroom

For dependability and affordability, you can’t beat vinyl blinds. The durable nature of vinyl blinds makes them at home in most bathrooms. They can tolerate moisture and can be endlessly adjusted to find the right amount of privacy and light.

Composite Shutters

Graber Composite Shutters in a bathroom

Shutters are an excellent option for bathroom window coverings, especially composite shutters. In addition to their traditional good looks, composite shutters are tough. They’re made to stand up to the high humidity and heat of bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Graber Composite Shutters are available in an array of colors and can be combined with shades and drapery to create multilayered looks that are interesting to look at and provide a broad range of light and privacy control options.


 Graber Drapery in a bathroom

Fabric drapery in a bathroom? Yes! Some of the most beautifully appointed bathrooms—as well as the most practical—use drapery. Nothing beats the fabric selection, versatility, ease of use, and endless adaptability of drapery. Sheer shades on a tall window that looks down on a luxurious soaking tub can be breathtaking. Clean, brightly colored sill-length curtains in a second-floor bathroom that overlooks a sunny backyard—nothing could look lighter and brighter. Your Graber Design Expert can help you find the fabrics that match the climate, light, and privacy conditions of your bathroom.

Layering for Looks and Functionality

Graber Drapery and Roman Shades layered in a bathroom

Combining two different types of window treatments can often get you a solution that solves all your problems. Layering can be especially useful in the bathroom where you need your window treatments to do several different jobs—and not all at the same time. Sheer shades might not feel adequate for a certain bathroom, but when combined with an opaque roller shade that can be pulled down when privacy is necessary, you have a highly versatile solution (nothing beats the ease by which a shade can be pulled down for instant privacy). And drapery not only covers the light that seeps in along the edges of a shade—it also gives a sense of greater privacy.

Here's an example: You have a bathroom where you might need privacy for only a few minutes a day—and then the rest of the time you would like lots of light and a clear view to your backyard gardens. Combining a sturdy, white set of composite shutters with a sheer drape might be the perfect solution, giving you the options of full light, filtered light, and privacy—all from the same window—just by opening and closing the drapes, shutters, and the shutter’s louvers. Another scenario might be in a bathroom where you want total privacy at times but also filtered light. A semi-sheer roller shade combined with a light-filtering or room-darkening set of drapes might just give you exactly the versatility you’re looking for. Talk to your Graber Design Expert about what you’re looking for—odds are, they’ll have the perfect solution for you.

Other Considerations for Bathroom Window Treatments

Style and Type of Window Treatment

When it comes to dressing your bathroom windows, you need to think of both appearance and function. Not every material works in an environment where water can be splashed, hot showers create clouds of steam, and temperatures fluctuate drastically. So, a set of moisture- and heat-resistant faux-wood blinds would be right at home in a bathroom, but a puddle-length set of thick drapery would not be (although a sill-length set of light cotton curtains might be perfect). We’ll go over some of the specific styles and types of window treatments for bathrooms later in this article.

Privacy & Light Control

Graber Blackout Solar Shades in a bathroom

Privacy is a primary concern when it comes to covering bathroom windows. A solar shade that expertly filters sunlight during the day would provide little privacy at night, making it a poor choice for a bathroom window. But a room-darkening roller shade designed for privacy could be an excellent choice as a bathroom window treatment.

Light Doesn’t Have to Be Sacrificed

Many bathrooms would benefit from additional light throughout the day—while still maintaining privacy. There are very effective solutions for this situation. For privacy as well as additional light, some light-filtering roller shades and can provide both privacy and light and might be appropriate in some bathrooms. Learn more about privacy and light control.

More Options Than Most People Think

Most people are surprised to learn just how many different types of window treatments can work in a bathroom. New materials—including technologically advanced fabrics and components—means there’s a blind, shade, shutter, or drapery to fit every room—including high-humidity bathrooms. This abundance of options means you’ll find something that will work on a first-floor bathroom window that is close to foot traffic, or a huge expanse of windows in a second-floor bathroom, or a small guest bathroom in dire need of light. There are many solutions for each of these situations, including cordless options that give you unsurpassed ease and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Treatments for Bathrooms

What type of window shade is best for a bathroom?

Composite shutters and faux-wood and composite blinds are two popular choices for bathroom window treatments. These shutters and blinds are made to last and can endure extreme humidity—and still keep on working flawlessly.

What fabrics are best for bathroom window treatments?

Lightweight fabrics tend to work well as bathroom window treatments. These fabrics dry out more quickly and hold less moisture. And there’s something about the aesthetics of lighter fabrics—they just feel more appropriate for a bathroom. An important consideration when selecting a fabric for a bathroom window is light and privacy control. Hold fabrics up to the light during the selection process. Your Graber Design Expert has the knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect fabric.

Can you put drapery in a bathroom?

Drapery is not only an option, it’s often the best option. Many second-floor bathrooms with big picture windows are well suited for long, sheer drapes. Small bathrooms can be brought to life with a well chosen fabric drapery cut to a short length.

Which window treatments provide the most privacy and light control for a bathroom?

Nearly any window treatment can be configured to provide privacy. But, if you’re looking for the maximum level of privacy, you couldn’t do better than a roller shade in a blackout fabric layered with blackout drapery and a matching valance. But that’s an extreme example. A set of blinds can provide light and privacy along with a full range of control—a simple adjustment can bring you privacy and light in an instant. Talk to your Graber Design Expert for a savvy opinion on what level of privacy you need.

The Bottom Line

When you’re searching for the right bathroom window coverings, keep an open mind. More things are possible than not, so start with the attitude that you can find exactly what you want. Your Graber Design Expert will have ideas for you and can help guide you to a solution that you’re going to love.