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Solar shades on a wide window in a kitchen.

What Are the Best Blinds for Wide Windows?

If your wide windows overlook a landfill or a brick wall, you might want to keep your shades or blinds down.

But generally, architects and builders situate wide windows in front of the best views.

Views are important. They can improve your mood, make you feel less confined, and give you a sense of connection with nature and the world. You want to cover your window with blinds or shades that let you enjoy that view while also protecting you from the massive amount of daylight that could potentially blast through the glass at certain hours of the day.

This article will show you how to cover wide windows to give them the all-star treatment they deserve.

Green solar shades on a wide window in a living room.

Think of Your Wide Window as a Showpiece

A wide window can be the showpiece of a room. It brings in lots of light, allows big views, and can add an expansiveness to the room.

Selecting blinds and shades for wide windows should be done thoughtfully. That wide window might be the most important visual element in the room. Dress it right and you’ll maximize the window’s design power.

Meeting the Challenge

Wide windows need big blinds and shades, and those can be heavy. Heavy window treatments put a lot of pressure on the cords and mechanisms that control the shade. All that weight being raised and lowered calls for world-class materials and sound mechanical designs. Luckily, Graber has created some of the toughest components on the market. As a result, Graber can produce massive shades that will cover nearly any window. Let’s take a look at the most popular options.

Gray solar shades on wide windows in a living room.

Roller and Solar Shades

If you’re wondering how to cover wide windows in your home, Graber Solar Shades and Graber Roller Shades are a great place to start. They are the simplest shades available: fabric mounted on a roller.

But the roller shade’s simplicity hides its sophistication. Roller shades come in a variety of beautiful fabrics ranging from elegantly traditional to refreshingly modern.

Solar shades have a sleek, contemporary look that’s at home in nearly any design environment. And these simple shades are available in widths of up to 144 inches. That’s twelve feet of simple elegance and smooth performance.

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Faux wood horizontal blinds on a wide window in a home office.

Horizontal Blinds

Graber Horizontal Blinds are also available in widths up to twelve feet. The easy adjustability and trusted performance of blinds makes them an excellent choice for rooms where a blinds' functionality and durability are of primary importance.

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Off-white curtains on a wide window in a bedroom.

Curtains & Drapery

Nothing beats drapery for its ability to cover a wide window with style. Graber Custom Curtains & Drapery can span 192 inches—an incredible width. Drapery comes in an amazing variety of fabrics ranging from delicate sheers to beautiful light-filtering textiles to blackout fabrics. There’s an elegance to custom fabric drapery that can’t be beat.

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Gray cellular shades on a wide window in a living room.

Cellular Shades

Like Graber Custom Drapery, Graber Cellular Shades can span up to 192 inches. One of the advantages of using a cellular shade or vertical cellular shade is their ability to insulate against heat and cold. They also have a way of capturing light that helps to brighten a room while preventing glare from the sun.

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Tan vertical blinds on a wide window in a living room.” width=

Vertical Blinds

This is the classic way of covering wide windows. Graber Vertical Blinds can span a whopping 191 inches of width. Easy to operate and perfectly designed, vertical blinds cover millions of windows.

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White composite shutters on a wide window in a bathroom.


The maximum width for a set of Graber Shutters? Answer: 295 inches. That’s a very wide window!

Shutters are in a class all their own. They are perhaps the most traditional of all window treatments. They are ultra-durable, have a classic look, and provide some insulation against heat and cold. Choose from real wood or moisture-resistant faux wood (ideal for bathrooms and laundry rooms).

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 Brown sliding panels on a wide window in a living room.

Sliding Panels

Graber Sliding Panels are an excellent way to cover your wide windows. With a spliced headrail, a Graber Sliding Panel can span a width of 332 inches, making them the official MVP of wide window treatments. Choose from an assortment of colors and fabrics, many of which coordinate with other Graber window treatment collections.

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Make the Most of Your Wide Windows

Wide windows offer so many benefits in terms of both aesthetics and quality of life. Having a broad view of your outside environment, plentiful light, and a sense of openness can have real rewards for you and your family.

But wide windows can sometimes bring in too much light and reduce your privacy. Picking the right blinds and shades can ensure your wide windows are an asset you can celebrate.

When you’re looking to cover a wide window—or any window in your home—your local Graber Design Expert is your best friend. They have the experience and know-how to find the window-treatment solution that gives you everything you need.

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