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Graber solar shades on windows in a living room.

6 Reasons Cordless Window Shades Are Perfect for Your Space

Cordless shades have been around for a long time. And technical advancements have turned cordless shades into mechanical marvels. A great example is Graber’s UltraLite cordless lift. The system is so incredibly smooth that using it feels almost effortless.

Here are six reasons why you really should choose cordless when you buy your next shade.

Graber cordless solar shade on a living room window.

1. Cordless Is Easy

Pulling down a cordless window shade or raising it is just a matter of one quick pull or one simple lift. And because moving a cordless shade where you want it to be is so easy, you’ll operate your shade more often. That means you’ll be optimizing the light and privacy in your home—and getting the most out of your shade.

Graber cordless wood blinds on windows in a laundry room.

2. Cordless Is Convenient

This goes with the first item. Imagine carrying a book or a big basket of laundry. What if you could, with just one hand, pull down or lift your shade? You wouldn’t have to put down your book or basket—and then pick it up again. You could operate your shade almost effortlessly and just keep going about your routine. That’s convenience.

Graber cordless layered and zebra shades on a bedroom window.

3. Cordless Is Quiet

The new cordless shades from Graber are quiet. That means your cordless shades are unobtrusive parts of your life. Think of how many things in your life grind, gurgle, buzz, and beep. It’s nice having something that does its job quietly. The new UltraLite cordless lift system from Graber is so quiet you can operate it without waking a sleeping baby.

Graber cordless solar shades on living room windows.

4. Cordless is Safer

Because cordless window shades have no visible operating cords, you’re creating a safer environment for your children and pets.

Graber cordless combo shades on living room windows.

5. Cordless Is Sleeker

Taking away those visible cords isn’t just safer, it makes your window treatments look better. Shades look more streamlined without the hanging cords. And taking away the cords means there’s one less thing interfering with your views to the outdoors.

Graber cordless cellular shades on living room windows.

6. Cordless Is Energy Efficient

Cordless window shades make it easier to move your shades. And, when something is easy to do, we’re more likely to do it. That means you’ll be adjusting your shades for optimal sunlight and shade—thereby controlling the climate in your home more precisely. This can lead to lower heating and cooling bills.

And if all that doesn’t convince you, there’s one more reason to choose cordless shades: you’re going to love them. Cordless shades are easy, convenient, and an absolute pleasure to use. Buying window treatments is an investment—so why not love your investment.

If ease, convenience, quiet, sleekness, and efficiency all sound pretty good to you, you might even consider motorized window treatments.

Learn more about Graber’s motorization options.