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Motorized and automatic pleated shades in a home office.

6 Questions To Consider Before Buying Motorized Shades

Our homes are filled with an array of electrical conveniences, many of them hidden from view. These high-tech touches have an enormous positive impact on the lives of everyone in the household.

One such high tech marvel are motorized shades, which are also known as smart shades or automatic shades. Unobtrusive, sleek, and easy to use, motorized blinds and shades are among the most elegant of all the home upgrades of the last decade.

Installing motorized blinds and shades has many benefits, including:

  • The ability to control shades from a phone or tablet.
  • The opportunity to create routines and time-based schedules.
  • Ability to connect with 14 different smart home systems including Alexa, and Google.
  • Eliminating control cords, making it the ideal window-treatment solution for households with children and pets.

Graber motorized and automatic roller shades in a living room.

If you’ve never tried an motorized shade before, you need to experience it for yourself. Not only are motorized shades easy to operate, they’re also a pleasure to use. Few things work as quietly and as smoothly as a Graber motorized shade.

And with a range of options—remote control, wand control, and automation with the app and optional hub—it’s easy to find a motorized shade that fits your household.

Here are 6 questions to help you find the right motorized blinds or shades.

What is your lifestyle?

Everyone has their own way of living. Some people spend nearly all their time at home, while others pretty much only sleep there. Some people use a small corner of their house or apartment while others spread out their daily living through all the rooms. And while some people consider their home their own private sanctuary, others have guests marching in and out their doors.

Your living habits are the primary things to consider when buying motorized blinds and shades. Homebodies and people who frequently have guests might want to equip their entire home with motorized shades, while people who are seldom home might just want to start with their most used rooms—the bedroom and the kitchen, for example.

Graber motorized and automatic sheer shades in a kids room.

Do you have kids or pets?

Homes with children and pets have more safety considerations than a household with only adults. Motorized shades have no visible cords, making them a safer option for homes with children and pets. And because motorized shades can be controlled with a remote control or a cell phone, there’s no reaching for shades or awkward twisting or turning. You just push a button or tap a screen and the shade goes up or down. When it comes to safety, motorized shades can’t be beat.

 Graber motorized and automatic natural shades in a living room.

How important is your décor?

Damage from UV rays can shorten the life of your carpet, your furniture, and your precious photographs and artwork. That makes window treatments essential.

Motorized shades let you open and close your blinds and shades in an instant—allowing you to control the light and reduce sun damage. And with the app and hub, you can set schedules that open and close your blinds and shades at set times—so you can keep the harsh morning light off your favorite rug while still allowing light in the rest of the afternoon.

What problems are you encountering now with your existing blinds and shades?

Consider your current blinds and shades and think about the ways that motorized shades might improve your privacy and light control. Do you keep your shades closed or open all the time because they’re hard to open or close? If yes, you have a solid case for motorized shades. Are you sick of seeing the cords dangling from your old wood blinds in the living room? Motorized shades would give you quiet, cord-free operation and a view that is completely free from the clutter of cords.

Or, do you just want to hit one button and have all the shades in one room raise and lower all at once? Smart, motorized shades are for you.

Now Envision the Perfect Home

We’ve looked at some questions that can help you make a decision about buying motorized shades. Now let’s assume you’ve decided that motorized shades are right for you. Here’s how to integrate motorized shades into your home.

Graber motorized and automatic pleated shades in a living room.

Where Would Motorized Blinds and Shades Would Have the Biggest Impact?

Which rooms do you use most? Which window treatments do you use the most? These are the obvious places to start. Adding motorized shades to the window treatments you’re operating all the time can be a real lifestyle upgrade. Not only will you save time, you’ll actually enjoy raising and lowering your shades. And because motorization makes adjusting your shades so easy, you’ll be able to quickly create the optimal light conditions for your room.

The next places to look at are rooms that get a huge amount of sunlight. These are rooms that would benefit from a fully automated window-treatment system. Motorized shades operated with the Graber app and hub allow you to set the shades to raise and lower at times you select. You can be assured that your carpets and furniture will be protected from the day’s harshest sun. And having the shades down during these high-sun periods will help keep your home cool and save on air conditioning costs.

Another thing to look at is safety. Which rooms are most often used by children and pets. These are places where a motorized shade is ideal. Because motorized shades are cord-free, you’re creating a safer environment for everyone.

High windows or large windows are well served by motorized window treatments. Having to reach or stretch to lift or lower your shades or blinds can be a pain—and can even be hazardous in some instances. Motorization takes care of all that. Simply push a button and you can raise, lower, and adjust your shades. It’s easy, simple, and convenient.

 Graber motorized and automatic pleated shades in a home office.

What Are the Different Types of Motorized and Automatic Shades Available?

Motorization is available on solar shades, roller shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, Roman shades, layered shades, and sheer shades.

Here’s a quick guide on where you might use some of these different options:

  • Extremely Sunny Windows: Choose Graber Solar Shades. They’ll give you a great view while protecting your home from heat and harmful UV rays.
  • Sleek Simplicity: Try a Graber Roller Shade when you want a simple, modern-looking solution.
  • A Unique Look: Try a bold Graber Layered Shade or a graceful Graber Sheer Shade.
  • A Classic Look: Try one of Graber’s many Roman Shade designs.
  • Insulation and Elegance: Go with Graber Cellular Shades. Their honeycomb-shaped design traps air and protects against heat and cold.
  • Interesting Fabrics: The Graber Pleated Shades fabric collection has a huge variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

Making Your Motorization Plan

Planning is easy when you have the help of a Graber Design Expert. Your Graber Design Expert has the expertise to help you choose exactly the right motorized shades for your home. They’ll also measure and install your shades so all you have to do is pick up a remote, push a button, and watch your shades gently rise.

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