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How Do Cordless Blinds and Shades Work?

One of the main decisions you must make while shopping for window treatments is what lift system fits your lifestyle. Graber offers many control types to fit all your needs, but our latest and greatest innovation, the UltraLite cordless lift system, is sure to take your breath away. No really, it is whisper-quiet! If ease of operation, modern aesthetics, and safety for young children and pets are on your list of must-haves, keep reading.


UltraLite is currently offered as a control type for solar and roller shades. It allows you the ability to lift and lower with the slightest touch and precision placement every time. When the shade is closed, place two fingers on the hem grip or bar and lift the shade to the desired position. When fully retracted the shade tucks into the headrail until your next use. Not only does the UltraLite lift system have a smoother operation, additionally it has a smaller light gap which just means it allows less light in at the edge of the shade which is great for sleeping in and/or sleeping babies. Not to sound like an infomercial, but you truly will not believe it until you see it. Watch a video, here.

You might be wondering what is the difference between UltraLite and a traditional cordless lift system? Well, we are glad you asked! A cordless lift system has a “jog-and-stop" mechanism, where a small extra tug on the hem grip or bar will allow your shade to pause in position. To retract, another small tug and release allows the shade to roll back up to the top rail and out of sight. Roller shades (sometimes referred to as roll-up shades) are often considered the sleekest window treatment and can be very minimal when cordless. Cordless control is offered in most other product lines of shades and blinds, but they function a little differently depending on the product line you choose.


Cordless cellular or pleated shades work by simply raising and lowering the bottom rail to your desired position. The shorter the width of the window, the lighter and easier the shade is to maneuver. Your shade may also have a small clear handle on the bottom rail to make this process effortless. This allows you to open and close your shades with a pinch of your index finger and thumb. Cellular shades are a popular product because they increase the energy efficiency of your home with honeycomb shaped cells that trap insulating air and choosing cordless control will keep them looking tidy for years to come.


Lift and lower cordless horizontal blinds by holding the bottom rail and raising or lowering it while keeping it level. This process will work for cordless vinyl or aluminum blinds as well as cordless wood or faux wood blinds. Blinds will still have an attached wand or cord to control the tilt of the slats for privacy and light control.


Cordless natural shades work similarly to cordless cellular shades and cordless horizontal blinds. To lower the shade, hold the bottom rail level and gently lower it into place. To raise your natural shades, hold the bottom rail with both hands and tilt the back of the bottom rail about 45 degrees towards you and lift to the desired position. This allows the folds of your natural roman shade to align and overall optimal raising.

The importance of a lift system is often overlooked, but it is a feature that you will use at least twice a day for most of the windows in your home. Once in the morning to wake your family (or yourself) with the sun and another time in the evening to provide privacy away from the outside world. We never overlook the details, and we think that this little piece of luxury deserves a place in your home and at your fingertips.

Learn more about the Window Covering Safety Council, and certified Best for Kids options.