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Natural shades on windows in a living room

Style & Design Tips for Natural Woven Shades

The Power of Natural Patterns

Natural woven shades might be the ultimate design element. Few window treatments can transform a room as powerfully as a natural woven fabric. Our eyes are drawn to pattern and texture—and natural shades are a visual symphony of natural grains and variations. Made with wood, bamboo, jute, rattan, and natural grasses, every Graber Natural Shade is one-of-a-kind.

Motorized natural shades on windows in a bedroom.” width=

Think Color First!

Because of the rich textures and colorations of natural woven shades, many people have difficulty understanding how to select the right natural fabric for their décor. But if you think first about color, finding the right fabric is straightforward.

A Surprising Range of Colors

Natural fabrics, like all fabrics, have a color that can pair with analogous or complementary colors. Within the broad range of browns, tans, beiges, and grays that you’ll find in the Graber Natural Shade fabric collection, you’ll find cool and warm colors as well as tones of blue, red, green, and orange. Pair these neutral colors to your existing décor—or your new vision—and you’ll have shades that fit your design scheme and add complex and beautiful texture to your room.

Natural shades on windows in a living room.

An Array of Natural Materials

Material is another important consideration. Because each shade is made with a specific natural material, you have a range of slat or fiber sizes. There are shades made with thick strips of woven wood, like bamboo, and shades made with woven-grass fabric. Each of these very different fabrics provides a very different visual effect.

Natural shades on windows in a bathroom.

Creating Harmony

In a room where you are trying to achieve a harmony of natural shapes, textures, and materials, a woven wood shade is right at home. Choose from a variety of natural fabrics that preserve the natural textures and variations of the natural materials. The richness of the natural textures plays well against solid blocks of color, curving shapes, and houseplants.

 Natural shades on windows in a home office.

Creating Contrast

One of the best ways to use Graber Natural Shades is as a contrasting element. In a room with many straight lines, a minimalist aesthetic, or modern elements, a natural shade can provide an interesting visual contrast. For example, the interesting textures of a bamboo shade contrast nicely against a stark white background or in a room filled with smooth, sleek surfaces. And a light-colored natural shade of woven grass can add welcome simplicity to a room filled with an assortment of colors, art, and unique furnishings.

 Natural shades on windows in a living room.

The Timeless Roman Shade Design

Graber Natural Shades are built as Roman shades, an age-old design that offers reliability, good looks, and easy operation. Choose the standard, old style, or looped design. The standard style is the most traditional look with a valance that matches the shade. Old style is the simplest design and goes well in minimalist settings. And the looped style is the boldest of the three, presenting loops of fabric cascading down the front of the shade.

Put Natural Shades to Work for You

A final consideration is function. Graber Natural Shades provide excellent protection from the sun and do a good job at providing privacy. However, because of their woven design, they do not provide complete privacy. To achieve that, you can select a liner that will not only offer greater protection but will also increase your shade’s insulating properties, protecting you from some of the heat or cold that comes into your home through your windows.

Graber Natural Woven Shades can be purchased with continuous-loop lift, cordless lift, or a motorized lift system. In addition to ease and convenience, cordless lift and motorized lift offer a clean, finished look.

A Graber Design Expert has the experience and expertise to help you select just the right fabric for your room.