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Window Treatments for Arched Windows

Windows come in many shapes and sizes, but Graber offers window coverings to fit just about any situation. One of the most challenging windows to cover is an arched window. The arched window is a beautiful feature and can come in several types. Each type of arched window presents special challenges.

Types of Arched Windows

Lunettes or Round Top Windows

These crescent shaped windows are often found above a door. When they are found in other parts of a home, they often have extended legs—two vertical sides that run down and end in a squared shape at the bottom. This is the basic, most straightforward arched-window situation with several solutions.

Fixed Arched Windows

While some arched windows do operate—open and close to let in air—most are fixed. The fixed arched window can utilize either stationary or operable window treatments for these situations. Your Graber Design Expert can help you choose the right solution for these windows.

Opening Arched Windows

When an arched window opens, you will want to select a window treatment that can be adjusted to allow the flow of air. (Shutters, with their moveable louvres, can be a great option.)

Eye Windows with Legs

Eye windows, eyebrow windows, or half-eyebrow windows (more gently curved top) and quarter-round windows all can be covered. In most cases, the top section of these windows can be handled with a fixed treatment and the remaining lower portion can utilize a fully functional window treatment. Your Graber Design Expert can find the right solution for your window.

Arched Window Treatments

There are three window treatment solutions that can best address the curved shape of an arched window: cellular shades, pleated shades, and shutters.


Shades can highlight the beautiful arched shape of the window. Your Graber Design Expert is there to help find the solution that looks great but also functions in a way that fits your needs. The two shades that work best for arched windows are cellular and pleated shades.

Cellular Shades

The most energy efficient solution for arched windows is the cellular shade. Cellular shades are also the most popular arched window design solution. Many homeowners choose the fan-shaped cellular shade design to cover their lunette (half-moon) windows above doors or at the top of an arched-window set. Graber offers a wide selection of cellular shades in a variety of light control options. Choose a sheer shade to let in lots of sunshine or a light-control shade for a greater reduction of light.

Pleated Shades

Closely related to cellular shades, pleated shades come in a wider variety of colors and textures and can solve arched-window issues in many of the same ways. Pleated shades can be a great way to bring colors and patterns into your room.


Shutters can be custom made to fit nearly any type of arch. They are a sturdy, time-tested solution for arched or shaped windows of almost every kind. Wood shutters have a huge selection of colors and finishes, making them one of the most versatile décor options. A well-designed set of shutters can transform a room. And the shutter’s design allows the louvres to be opened and closed.

Layered Window Treatments

Perhaps the best approach for covering an arched window is to think in layers. Some options for the lower windows in an arched window set include roller shades, Roman shades, sheer shades, and drapery. For example, an arched window covered with cellular shades might be well paired with lower windows decorated with custom drapery. Or a pleated shade could be used to cover a top arched window and a complementary fabric could be utilized in a Roman shade on the lower portion of the window. If you are open to mixing different types of window treatments and layering, the solutions can be both highly functional and visually stunning.

Roller Shades 

These versatile shades come in a huge variety of fabrics and in a range of light-control levels.

Roman Shades

An elegant solution to dressing an arched window is the Roman shade. It provides a traditional look and unleashes a huge variety of fabric options.

Sheer Shades

The subtle, elegant beauty of sheer shades should not be overlooked. If you are interested in utilizing this unique design element, your Graber Design Expert can tell you if this is a viable option for your window.


Traditional drapery can provide solutions for curved windows. It is the most versatile of all window treatment options and can be opened and closed. The range of Graber fabric options is remarkable, and you’ll find patterns and colors to create any effect you desire.

Arched Window Shade Considerations

Covering an arched window is no easy task. Your Graber Design Expert has the expertise to find a solution for nearly every situation. One of the biggest decisions a designer can help you with is deciding which parts of the window treatments must be fully functional and which can remain fixed. Deciding on these elements will allow you to narrow down your options and select the most effective and attractive solutions possible.

Graber also offers solutions for windows in the shape of hexagons, circles, half circles, and triangles. Your Graber Design Expert has the know-how and products that will make your unconventionally shaped window look great.