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Composite shutters on bathroom windows.

Why Composite Shutters Are Perfect for Bathrooms

If you’re looking for window coverings for your bathroom, you need to consider interior composite shutters from Graber. They have unique properties that make them perfect for bathrooms. Plus, they have a classic look that will elevate your décor

Composite shutters on windows in a bathroom

Ideal for High-Moisture Environments

Bathrooms are generally the wettest rooms in the home. Showers and sinks produce lots of moisture and heat. That combination can lead to mold, mildew, and damage to wood and fabrics.

Composite shutters can stand up to that high-heat, high-moisture environment. Made with a plastic resin, Graber Composite Shutters are among the most durable of all window treatments. They are perfectly designed for bathroom windows. Not only do they tolerate jungle-like conditions, they also look great.

Close up image of composite shutters on windows in a bathroom

Adds a Classic Flair

Composite shutters have virtually the same look as painted wood shutters. And they can do more than just decorate the windows in your bathroom. Graber Composite Shutters are at home in nearly any room. There’s a classic charm to a shutter that adds a special flair to any design scheme. Couple shutters with drapery for a complex and sophisticated look.

Variety of Colors to Choose That Fit Any Décor

Graber Composite Shutters come in a wide range of colors. Their sturdy good looks and time-tested design make them feel less like window treatments and more like structural additions to your home. When installed, they feel as much a part of your home’s design as built-in cabinets or a doorway arch.

Talk to a Graber Design Expert

A Graber Design Expert can help you select the right interior composite shutter. They’ll make sense of the many options and configurations, so you get shutters that perfectly fit your needs.

To learn more about Graber Composite Shutters and the full line of Graber window treatments, contact a Graber Design Expert.