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Graber cordless pleated shades in a kitchen.

Easy Window Treatment Solutions For Fresh Air

Window Treatments 101

For most people, the air in their homes is less clean than the air outside. The EPA has found that our indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Cooking, pets, candles, dust, solvents, cleaning products—all sorts of things add to the amount of chemical and particulate matter floating about in our indoor air supply.

Luckily, there’s a solution: open your windows. That breath of fresh air you’re looking for is just on the other side of the windowpane.

And standing between you and that windowpane is most likely a set of shades, blinds, shutters, or drapery. While most window treatments are easily opened so you can open your window, there are certain window treatments that are easier to open than others. For homeowners who want to access their windows quickly and easily for fresh air, three basic types of window treatments work best.

3 Types of Window Treatments for Quick and Easy Access to Fresh Air

Roller and Solar Shades

Graber light filtering roller shades in a living room. The easiest-to-operate window treatments would have to be roller and solar shades. The cordless and motorized versions go up and down with the gentlest tug or lift—or the tap of a button. When a shade is up, there is nothing to interfere with your access to the window. The whole window treatment is safely up top so there is no chance of damaging or dirtying the roller. It’s the ideal solution for windows that will be opened to the outdoors on a regular basis.


Graber wood shutters in a living room. Graber offers a full range of shutters for windows of every size. Shutters are strong, durable, and have a time-tested design. But, despite their sturdiness, shutters are also remarkably easy to open and close. This ease of use allows homeowners to swing open the shutter and quickly open the window. It’s a no-fuss operation—and it’s easily reversed.


Graber drapery and soft roman shades. Custom drapery made of fabric is perhaps the most versatile of all window treatments. Drapery is beautiful, adds an element of sophistication, and is easy to open and close. Features like control wand can add to the ease of operating, and there are many durable fabrics that can stand up to regular opening and closing.

Just Make It Easy

For most Americans, their clean-air connection is just on the other side of the glass. If you live somewhere the weather is nice enough for you to open—or even just crack—your window on a regular basis, find a window treatment that gives you the easiest, most convenient access to the clean air you crave—a roller or solar shade, a sturdy but easy-to-use shutter, or some drapery.

And while these are ideal options, the truth is every Graber window treatment can be opened and closed—they’re designed to operate flawlessly. The important thing is to plan for opening and closing the window and pick a window-treatment option that you’ll feel comfortable operating on a regular basis.

Cordless and Motorized Shades Are the Easiest

One way to ensure you take advantage of all the fresh air is by choosing cordless or motorized window treatments.

Cordless Shades

Graber cordless solar shades in a living room. Cordless shades allow you to raise and lower at the slightest pull or lift. That means getting your shade open in order to open your window is a piece of cake.

Motorized Shades

Graber motorized roller shades. By motorizing your shades, you take things to another level. Just pressing a remote control—or even by using your phone as a remote control—you can raise and lower your shades in an instant. And so by using cordless control or motorizing your shades, you’re making opening your shades that much easier—and that means you’re more likely to take advantage of the fresh air you need.

A Window Tune-up

Now, choosing window treatment that allows for easy opening of a window doesn’t do anything about the window itself. The big reason why most people don’t open their windows is because they’re stuck shut—or at least very difficult to open.

If you’re keeping yourself shut up tight in the house because your windows are holding you hostage, it might be a good time to do a little tune up on your windows. The first thing to check in an older home is if the window is painted shut. A quick zip of a box cutter around the seams might be enough to get that window loose. The seals and tracks along the sides of the window sash might be another issue—bent, broken, or missing pieces can jam up the window. And, before doing anything else, be sure that any mechanical locks or security devices are open or off.