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An Unbelievable Improvement for Opening & Closing Your Window Shades

Window Treatments 101

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled a shade down, only to have it not “catch” in the right spot. It’s a little too high. A little too low. Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, if the shade stayed exactly where I put it—with a “just right” placement.

Well, today is the day!

I found a new shade that’s so easy to move up or down, and position exactly where I want it. It moves so smoothly and feels so light. The shade never accidentally whips open. No more jogging before the shade stops. It was a small frustration, for sure, but it’s also one that’s faced on the daily.

Choosing Graber

Like most people, my husband and I started analyzing our décor decisions this past year. The more time we spent in each room of our home, the more we’d ask each other, “Is this our style?”

After rearranging the principal bedroom furniture, changing out the bedding, and solidifying the artwork on the walls, we zeroed in on the vertical blinds on the French door to the bedroom’s deck. Functional for sure. Not unattractive, but the blinds weren’t quite blending with our vibe.

We decided to contact our local Graber Expert for advice and to run our ideas past her. A couple years earlier, she helped with our purchase of faux wood blinds for our kitchen. She pointed us to that window treatment because they work well in humid areas and we’ve been super happy with them.

What to Consider When Choosing Treatments

Morning light streams into this east-facing bedroom. And while a room bathed in light sounds amazing, the sun’s brightness was too much. And we worried about the UV damage it might cause to the furniture. Mostly the blinds stayed drawn until midday and the room remained dark.

Another piece of the puzzle was the shades at our favorite restaurant. As soon as the evening sun started to dip, these shades would lower but they still allowed a view outside. Amazing! The light was also diminished. I brought up these shades in the initial phone conversation with our Graber Expert and she knew exactly what type of shade they were.

Solar Shades with UltraLite Cordless Lift: SafeSync, Bronze Haze

Our Top Choice: Graber Solar Shades

Turns out, those shades were solar shades. The light comes through but not the glare. And not the UV rays that could ruin our floor or furniture. Perfect!

And they come in lots of colors and textures—so we couldn’t go wrong with our choice. Graber’s new array of solar shades was recently updated with more than 500 fabrics. And all of these shades are available with the new UltraLite lift system that intuitively understands my desire to have the window treatment stop right where I want.

I should note that we considered Graber Roller Shades that have a blackout fabric. It’s a bedroom after all. But our preference was to enjoy the filtered light and the view instead. Either way, we could have the UltraLite lift as an upgrade.


What sold us on the UltraLite lift was the smooth and effortless operation.

You can literally lift it with a finger. And as soon as you stop lifting, the shade stops moving. When our Graber Expert showed us her sample, it was a real “wow” moment. And I knew that I wanted it.

The cherry on top is that the Graber UltraLite Lift System is super quiet. Because, let’s face it, peace and quiet can be hard to come by these days.

Solar Shades with UltraLite Cordless Lift: Nantucket, Spice


And there are more details that really sold me on this new lift system: The nuts and bolts of the UltraLite lift remain behind the scenes, which means all you see is the style of the shade. Even the mounting hardware is nice-looking, yet fades into the background. You don’t give it a second thought.

Our Graber Expert also told us about Graber’s limited lifetime warranty and we’re heartened to think we can count on Graber’s quality for many years to come.


Our Graber Expert put our minds at ease that the Graber UltraLite Lift System could accommodate our larger window. Apparently, not all manufacturers can meet so many sizes with their similar lift system.

She also told me that cordless lift is the standard but, with our size window, the dual lift operation was the best bet. That way, we can raise the shade with the continuous-loop chain at the side of the shade but we can also use the cordless lift. Our Graber Expert said the dual lift system is for large windows but also if you have furniture in the way or if your window is too tall and you can’t raise the shade as high as you’d like.

We considered the cordless lift shade (they are safer for little kids), but the shade lives in the principal bedroom so it doesn’t get any traffic. Not only that but our kids are teenagers. Still, we thought about it because of the clean and uncluttered look of cordless lift—visually appealing, for sure.



Remember how I noted the tiny frustration of having to give the shade a few tries before it went exactly where I want it? Now, when I open or close my new shade and it stops at my desired location, I smile. Every time. I’m not exaggerating. And that’s thanks to the Graber UltraLite Lift System. I guess it really IS the little things.